Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Nidavellir Mysteries..?

Hey All,

So, I guess, Happy Birthday to me :). So for my birthday, I got a docking station for my ipod (sweet), a webcam (sweeter), a BestBuy $20 Gift Certificate for Wizard101 (w00t!), and a microphone/ headset (Double w00t!)!! So, I'm pretty happy!

I'm going to try my best to make my interviews now recorded instead of typed. Maybe I'll now also have a chance at being on Ravenwood Radio lol.

Also, I'm looking for anyone interested in being interview. If you blog, tweet, run a site, run a podcast, facebook about, or even just play Wizard101 and would be interested in an interview, I would love to here from you. I'd like people who participate in the community, but I'll take anyone! :) Here is what you need:

1. A Headset and a Microphone (NEEDED)

2. A Webcam (Optional)

3. A GrandMaster (Perfered, I would like someone with experience)

And that's it. So far, our upcoming interviews are..:

1. Wolf IceHunter: A Level 50 Ice Wizard who is starting up a blog and a podcast (with me!!)

2. Thomas LionBlood (The Friendly Necromancer): A Level 50 Death Wizard who runs a famous blog! (If you had to read his description, you would fit under the category of "Not In Touch With Community", lol ;) )

3. Stephen SpiritCaller with or without Leesha DarkHeart: Two Level 50 Death Wizards who run a podcast called "Ravenwood Radio"! (Once again, not in touch lol)

Ok, so let's move on to today's post: Nidavellir!!!!

Ok, so those who have seen my blog posts on Central know that I'm obsessed with things like Celestia and Astral Magic. Well someone found something very interesting in Nidavellir, and I give them credit for me being blind...

Take a look at these juicy pictures:

It appears that, near the entrance to Nidavellir, there are two doors. One has a sun, the other has a moon. The both have "Ice Torches" on them. Also, in the middle of the floor, there is a mural of the tree of Bartelby surrounded by a Sun on one side, a Moon on the other, and stars on the top. So, whats the Deal, brah?

Here's what I think is going on: I think that these just MIGHT be where the classrooms for Astral Magic are. MAYBE! Maybe they are for Astral Magic quests? Maybe they're for an upcoming Ice quest? Who knows?

However, I think they will serve some purpose in the Astral Magic Triangle.

Okay, that's all I gots for today. Out!


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