Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bringing Some Old Posts Back: Brisk Breeze

Hey all,

So, at 4:00 tonight, my ban will be lifted from Central. I really wish I could tell everyone there where they could find me!

Speaking of my blog on Central, I decided what I'm going to do with it. No, I'm not gonna keep it updated, however...every now and then, I'll update it so the people who don't know they can find me on here are somewhat up to date...

Anyway, so I decided that I'm going to bring back some of my very first discussions from my Central blog because:

1. I have nothing to talk about! xD

2. I now have more experience.

3. More people trust me and my knowledge now.

Ok, so our first "Back-From-The-Past" is Brisk Breeze Tower! Scary! o. O

Ok, so, most of us think of some things when we think of Brisk Breeze Tower in Colossus Blvd...Challenging...Hard... Frustrating...Difficult...Defeat... and many other sad/ anger feelings. Well, I'm going to teach you how to correctly do Brisk Breeze! This way, not only will you own, but you'll have fun at the same time!

Ok, today I'm just going to go over team building and special customization to decks...

These are the Classes that would make up a perfect combo (NOTE: This is not the only way to do this tower. There are millions of other ways to do this! Also, in order to participate in this tower, you must be level 50 and have Colossus Blvd):

- Fire Wizard: Not only can Fire Wizards beast with spells like Dragon and Helephant, but they also have some extremely useful enchants, such as Quench (Dispell- or make one spell fizzle- one Fire spell) and Choke (cast a stun on every opponet). Although Fire wizards can be good attacks, I only recommend them to fight during the two bosses. Make sure you're working overtime on those Quenches with the bosses!

- Life Wizard: It's pretty obvious why Life wizards would be valued for a tower such as Brisk Breeze. Life Wizards can heal with Spells like Rebirth, Satyr, Pixie, Dryad, and, heck, even Sprite, while also holding the ability to attack with cards like Centaur. I recommend that Life wizards mainly focus on healing, but try to multi task with the attacking the last boss while healing others.

- Storm Wizard: Like with the Life wizard, it is again REALLY obvious why you'd want a Diviner on your team. Although these Wizards have low health and accuracy (Which can be brought up with gear), their power is unbelievable with Brisk Breeze, especially with Spells like Storm Lord, Stormzilla, Tempest, and Triton! I recommend getting your armory ready and heading out, not worrying about any healing (Leave that to your group).

- Ice/ Death/ Balance (They all have they're same place in "The Perfect Group"): Now obviously, you can't have more than 4 people in your group, and we already have 3. These Classes of Magic all have their same place in this group. Death Wizards can serve as a backup healer (Sacrifice) or attacker. Ice wizards can use a Frost Giant spell back to back with a Storm Lord (in case the Storm Lord doesn't kill them or if you want those stun shields off of them). Balance certainly brings a lot to the party, making your attacks stronger and protecting you. Personally, this is where you can customize your group.

***Myth School***: Now, don't get me wrong, Myth school brings amazing spells to your team. However, it doesn't really have its certain niche in the team (Hence, it is once of those "Self Sufficient" Schools). However, if you want to find one and let me know, feel free :) (Earthquake helps with taking down your enemies defenses is about the only thing I can think of).

Ok, so, tomorrow, we'll talk about deck customization specifically for Brisk Breeze! Until tomorrow!


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