Thursday, May 27, 2010

Special Surprise Inside!!!!

Hey Everyone,

So, obviously you can see I gotta "Special Surprise Inside" for you guys, lol.

Ok, so, GUESS WHAT?!?!

Tonight I was talking to Icywiz (Christina IceDreamer), and I asked if it would be ok to interview her. She said she would love to be interviewed! So, I got to my notebook and email right away to come up with some questions.

I'll definatley have this interview up tomorrow, now that I know how to do it and everything (well...most of it lol). Ok, so tune in tomorrow to hear it! It's going to be amazing!

Also, remember, Friendly is coming up as well! W00t!



  1. Cool, want to meet up in-game?

  2. Alright please use the link I mentioned above like on the fansites I joined also my skysa bar on my blog-requires registration for ya....

    Maybe sometime during 9 pm or whatever?