Sunday, May 23, 2010

Test Realm is Now Blah...

Hey Everyone,

So I recently sent this to KI:

Hey there Kingsisle,

So, I wanted to share my concerns with you about the test realm. First I'd like to say I was happy about most of your changes. The parts I didn't like and think you need to improve on will be listed. I hope you continue to hear us out and make this game shaped more by the players then by a company! :D And personally, I don't mind waiting longer on this to go live, because I'd rather it be fun then sloppy and boring. So, here I go:

1. Hybrid Mixing- This was a big success and a big problem. I love how we can now mix our pets into entirely new pets! Amazing job! However, I do have to problems with this:

a. I think you need to lower the gold and higher the success rate of cross breeding pets. If I have to pay 100,000 gold for ANOTHER Helephant, I believe I just wasted my money there. In the Test Realm, as of right now, I have breed my pets eight times and have only gotten a hybrid ONCE. That's 1/8! I want something cool and stylish. I think we should also have a choice in specifically what "class" persay, our pet goes into. For example, if I'm breeding for a PvP pet,when I breed two pets, a bar should pop up with a "class list" on it. So, if I'm breeding for PvP, I'd chose the PvP class. Then the "Gene Pool" would pick the best of it's PvP traits from both parents. Do you see where I'm getting at? I think that one of these "classes" should be "Hybrid", where the main idea is just to get a hybrid of the two parents. Say I have a Stormzilla and a Helephant, and I want to cross breed. I click the "Hybrid" bar, and it will (randomly) pick the appearance from one pet and the school patterns/colors/etc. from the other. You should also lower the gold cost, because why would you buy a housing item for 100,000 gold when you can buy a huge house for around 80,000 gold. Also, this high price is stunting the testing of breeding. Another thing: Breeding times. I think 12 hours would be a more reasonable time. Otherwise, I think this is really awesome and you should keep up the good work.

b. The Artwork of the Pets- For most, (and remember, I'm specifically talking about the class pet from level 48) are amazing. However, there are a few of them, such as the mixes of the Satyr with Stormzilla and a Hydra, as well as the Hydra with Colossus, Helephant, and Stormzilla, that I was very disappointed with. I do like the blueish satyr thing, but maybe for the Hydra with Satyr you can do something like a seraph that kinda looks like a lady judgement. And for the Hydra, I like how the storm one is all purple, but shouldn't the fire and Ice one be all red and light blue too? And shouldn't they have patterns or something? Also with the Fallen Angel, shouldn't you get that from mixing Life and Death, not Death and Storm? Besides my few suggestions, I really like the artwork, so awesome job!

2. Pet Exp- I think we need more experience during our mini games or less exp should be needed to level up your pet. It takes way too much gold and time for some players. Some players would rather quest then spend a month just getting one pet to epic.

3. Other Notes- I really like your work KI. You've done an awesome job with this. However, like any game, there's always room for improvement. I hope you read this and take my thoughts into consideration!


Ok, wow lol.

So I would like to pick a class for my pet. that would be really cool. I would definitely do Hybrid most often, lol.

Also, I think, for example, that some of the pets should change. for example, the Icezilla or whatever it's called. I can just go and farm that in Ravenscar, and, for Ice wizards, the one at Ravenscar is even better. This should give you something else, maybe a change of pet entirely. For example, they did this with the Satyr. Sometimes it comes out as a Seraph (Lol, the Ice Seraph REALLY does look like Lady GaGa, ROFL!). Maybe Stormzilla should sometimes come out as a Kraken? I would love to have my own Fire KRAKER! (lol get it? Pun ... I= ... stop staring at me lol) or for Ice and Life, instead of a mossback colossus, why not (and I'm talking about Ice + Life, not Life + Ice ... Yes, they're two different things) a Forest Dragon (A Life Wyvern), or even a Life Giant! :O

But yeah, so tell me what you think...


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