Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hopefully This Will Clear Up Some Confusion About The Lip Dub...

Hey All,

So, I know that there are many people (those who have heard of it) don't get the Lip Dub at all. So, I'm going to try and explain it as best as possible:

We are going to be walking backwards. Here is a demonstration of the Storm School Song in the Storm Classroom:

Ok, for those of you that can't read my drawings, here is basically what it says.

Red O person = Me (P.D.)

Black O People = Crowd

Green O People = "Singers"

Purple Boxes/ Lines = Desk(s) and Railing(s)

The Red <--- 's = my path

The green lines = "Singers" path

Here are the Lyrics for this "scene", if you will:

(Start at door. Crowd dances; NOTE: we will start filming when the chat bubble from everyone's *Dancing* goes away. It is important that crowd people don't talk! Singers should already have their messages typed into their chat bars)

Green (3): You Want Rock and Roll

Green (2): You Want Dance

Green (1): Pop

Red (1): I know you want (might change that to Green 1),

So, when we play it reverse with the music, it will look like this:

Red (1): I know you want

Green(1): Pop

Green (2): You want Dance

Green (3): You want Rock and Role

I hope everyone gets the idea now. While it does require a LOT of planning, we still have a month until showtime! COME OUT AND SUPPORT RAVENWOOD!


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