Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Interview With Stephen SpiritCaller tonight!

Hey Guys,

So tonight I'm scheduled to interview Stephen SpiritCaller! W00t! I'm really excited about what he has to say! I should have it up by tonight (If it doesn't last too late lol). So make sure you tune in for that. Sadly, our interview isn't live, but it's ok! We won't let that bring us down, will we? Nope, BECAUSE..........

THE ADVANCED PET SYSTEM IS COMING TODAY (or at least starting lol)!!!! Can anyone believe it!!! :O!!! Anyways, I'm actually kinda worried. What if it isn't improved enough? Idk, I definatley think it was pushed back from its original date though. Ok, so we'll see you guys later!! LET ME KNOW HOW YOU LIKE THE PET SYSTEM!!!


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