Friday, May 14, 2010

Your Local Ravenwood News PLUS Brisk Breeze Patr Dos!!!

Hey All,

So, let's start out with some news. If you haven't seen already, Edward from Diary of a Wizard (Also 3rd place winner of my contest) is hosting a contest of his own. The First Place Winner will recieve either a Pale Maiden or a Red Gobbler (Your choice I'm guessing)!!! The Second Place Winner will recieve a Green Cat Thug or a Diseased Wildclaw (Also your choice I'm guessing)!!! All you have to do is go to the Connect X website (You can click on that red and black badge right on the side to get there), go to blog posts, then comment on Edward's blog post. I think it's a pretty good deal, so I'm entered :) you can also have an "extra entry" by posting the poster or something about the contest on your Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Blog, etc. So make sure you enter (and make sure you notify Edward if you do an "extra entry").

Also, The Friendly Necromancer still has his floodgates open for his Red Gobbler Giveaway. So make sure you enter that, cause I'm sure they're gonna close by the end of today! It is his fourth giveaway out of five! That's right, you heard me!! FOUR OUT OF FIVE!!! So make sure you enter that @ (Also make sure you follow him).

Also about The Friendly Necromancer, he was jsut featured for his SECOND (!!!!) time in Beckett Magazine! So make sure you congratulate him!

Also, the Lip Dub may be postponed to a later date due to lack of players joining us. I'll let you know the Dill on that later.

Ok, that pretty much covers the news. If you have any other things you'd like me to announce or talk about, such as Birthday Shout-Outs, Missing News, News that's "Hot-Off-The-Press"...anything, just post something or email me @

Ok, so let's move on to Birsk Breeze... PART DOS (2)!!!

Ok, so, today we're going to talk about specail modifications for all classes' decks before we actually go into the tower.


Make sure you take out ALL of your traps. Well, technically speaking, you can keep them in up until the last boss, but we'll talk about that in a later part.

So, Let's start with Fire:

(About 5-7) Quench(es)

(AMAP means As Many As Possible) Fire Dragon(s)

(AMAP) Helephant(s)

(AMAP) Fire Blade(s)

(About 2-3) Pixie(s)

Other then these mods, you can keep what you have and make out ok. Ok, neext is Storm:

(AMAP) Storm Lord(s)

(AMAP) Triton(s)

(AMAP) Stormzilla(s)

(About 5-7) Tempest(s)

(AMAP) Storm Blade(s)


(AMAP) Tower Shield(s)

(AMAP) Frost Giant(s)

(AMAP) Ice Colosuss(es)


(AMAP) Balance Blade(s)

(AMAP) Blade Storm(s)

(AMAP) Elemental and Spiritual Blades

(AMAP) Judgement(s)

(AMAP) Power Nova(s)


(About 5-7) Centaurs

(AMAP) Rebirth(s)

(AMAP) Satyr(s)

(AMAP) Pixie(s)

(AMAP) Life Blade(s)

(AMAP) Guiding Light(s)

Anything else you seem fit.


Sorry guys, I'm not going to cover Myth. :(


(5-7) Sacrifice(s)

(AMAP) Scarecrow(s)

(AMAP) Wraith(s)

(AMAP) Death Blade(s)

(AMAP) Death Prisms

Anything else you deem worthy...

Ok guys, sorry this post kinda stunk. I promise the next one will be better. Feel free to comment on another other spells you think are needed!!!


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