Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Pre-Lip Dub

Hey All,

So, for the Lip Dub, we are definatley going to need to set up a practice date. Here is a practice shot of me in the balance school:

I might film more tomorrow and just show you that and what it will actually look like. Now, for those who are interested in doing it. Here are the people we need:

  • Someone who has one of the school homes (I want a house that's decorated, but if worst comes to worst, than we'll just go to the preview homes. So far we have a Life house (Diana G.), a Storm house (Patrick F.), and a Fire house (Luke G.)

  • We are going to need singers! Note: We perfer you have open chat! If you don't then we will just have to put you in a place where you don't need it (For exmp: "Walk it out!" is a phrase where you don't need open chat) We will also not have you say bad words that may be in the song (such as in Walk it Out or Fire Burning) because it will not only put you at risk for getting band but it will make Ravenwood look bad (You guys will have your message typed in before I actually come to you, that way you dont have to waste time typing it).

  • We are going to need Planners! The planners will plan where everyone will be.

And that's about it for specail jobs. Anyone who wants to be in it but doesn't want to be a main part, all you simply need to do is make a hallway and scream things like "GO RAVENWOOD!" and dance and stuff (You can even sing along to the song yourselves if you'd like). COME OUT AND SUPPORT RAVENWOOD!


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