Saturday, May 15, 2010

Alric R. Interview

So, tonight was a wonderful night!! First, I attended the Coven run after-party, and I met up with Thomas LionBlood (The Friendly Necromancer). He added me, and we talked about a possible interview. Next, I met up with Stephen SpiritCaller and a new friend, Alric RavenSong. I'm also preparing an interview with Stephen SpiritCaller!!! W00T! Anyway, so yea, I met an awesome wizard named Alric RavenSinger. He was pretty darn cool. He showed me both of his houses, and they were truly stunning. I just knew he would be awesome to interview. So, here it is!! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! I'd also like to thank RavenSinger for letting me interview him (Pictures from the interview will be posted at a later time at the bottom). So, without further ado, here it is(Btw, I'm the green, he's the grey) :

Hey there Alric RavenSinger! How are you doing tonight?
I'm pretty good. Sunburnt, but nonetheless, good :)
was farming with new friends actually.
Awesome lol. That must be a bit of a bumer. Ok, so are you ready to start?
Yeah lol
not a bummer really I was fixing up my real house lol
Awesome lol. So could you start off by describing how the community knows you?
They don't really know me actually I have a few friends here and there but they all know me for two things my house and my drawings
Wizard101 and Pokemon Fanart btw
That's really cool. When did you start drawing and decorating?
Well I started drawing when I was about four years old and started decorating around September of 2009
Self taught I might add
Was it hard teaching yourself?
Yes very hard its always about refining your work but always remembering to have fun or it ain't worth it
I might not be as good as others but I always remember to have a good time drawing or decorating
Well it seems obvious that you really care about your work. Can you tell us a bit about your home(s)?
Sure the first is a Balance school house I bought for 100,00 gold its outside is a lovely forest-y park area complete with waterfall while inside each room is dedicated to each school so all rooms are different fromt one another one has a Kraken staur while the other has Prof.Falmea hagging behind the desk
The second house well you know I can't say its sort of secret lets just say its a Myth house also bought with gold :)
Wow! You must have done a lot of farming! Lol! I loved my personal sneek peek of your new house. Is it true that your first house has won contest(s)?
Well actually No My dorm has won contest back when I was a new free player I entered the Facebook Housing Contest and won first place in the Dorm category It was Krokotopia themed
currently both my houses have yet to win but I'm counting the days until the next contest
Oh, ok. That's really cool that your dorm won! I wush the best of luck to your two houses. Are there any tips you'd like to give?
Absolutely I'd love to first know what goes well together themed rooms are better then a romm of random things learn to substitute stuff I don't come across Ice stuff often but I sub that with Cold colors think Mooshu but less green always remember to have fun and learn to take advice even from an outsider
Yeah, I noticed your blues in the Ice room matched very well! Ok, well, that pretty much wraps things up. Do you have anything else you'd like to comment on, such as new housing items you'd like to see or anyone you'd like to thank?
Well I'd like to see more Storm and Ice inspired items from Celestia and I'd like to thank Grace Souldust (Grand Life) for being such a good friend and Bailey Skystaff yup The Friendly Necromancer's wife for letting me draw her W101 character
And thank you Luke for interviewing this Wizard :) I'm so honored
well, I'm truely honored to be interviewing you. Your works are truly amazing. Is there any way people could get in touch with you if they needed you?
Sure you can catch me at Diary of a just look up Alric Ravensinger,check out my blog here on blogspot The Raven's Vault or In-game I am currently in Krokotopia hunting pets just go to Sacrecrow realm
Ok cool. Thank you so much for this interview once again! It was an honor to talk with you! :)
Np the honor is mine well I'll catcha later gotta get some sleep lol
Lol, I feel ya, I'll see you later! Thanks Again