Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Something To Talk About...

Hey Everyone,

So I'm writing because I'm bored and I have nothing better to do lol. For some reason I'm just not in the mood to go on W101 atm (At the moment)

My friends think I'm depressed, so they're going to through National Hug Luke GoldHorn(Me) Day lol. If you want to participate, I guess you can just leave a comment lol xD

So, let's see if I can find you something good to talk about.....



*Light bulb flashes*

Well, let's talk about World Strategies!

World Strats. are basically plans on how you're going to go through a world (MarleyBone, Mooshu, Wizard City, etc.) I guess today we can talk about my World Strat. for WC (Wizard City).

I really just like to do all the story quests first. As for the street order, I usually select the easier one(s) first, and take it from there (depending on what class I'm playing) If I can do both side quests and main missions at the same time, I'll try to do that. I do Colossus Blvd directly after first visiting KT (Krokotopia) so I can get that second potion bottle. And that is pretty much it! Take care guys!


P.S: Don't forget to check out the Lip Dub. Here is the date for it!

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