Thursday, May 19, 2011

Curve-ball, Huh?

Hey Gang,

So this is more of a response/review of a fellow bloggers recent post, Isaac MisthHeart from That Pyromancer. No, I'm actually not complain about someone this time; this post was a great post by him and I think everyone should check it out! Go check it out here.

Anyway, so if you're too lazy to check out the post yourself or if you can't access it or even if you just don't like links, I'll give you a very basic summary of the post. But seriously, if you want the most out of this post and even Isaac's post, go check it out. So basically Isaac talks about his guesses about release dates and possible characters, and he even goes on to also say that this is obviously NOT Krokotopia. THANK ... YOU! At least there are some people who finally agree. Yes, BriskBreeze said that there was going to be another tower, and that it's next location is going to be in Krokotopia, we got that much. But look at this; we have a level 50 tower and a level 6o dungeon. Why in the world would they not wait for level 70 and make it more challenging; give the bosses more potential. You can also look at the architecture and geography. While Alric corrected me about deserts being barren (it was a general statement :P), they aren't as lush (I guess you could say) as Oasises. That being said, Saudi Arabia has is more of an Oasis/ lush area than Egypt. The only really green areas you'll find in Egypt are along the Nile and at the few oasises that they have.

So, we can safely assume that this is not an expansion of Krokotopia. The only way I could see this being an expansion is by them making a Saudi Arabian area of Krokotopia, which I don't see happening. It would cause a ton of tension between cultures. Anywho, but one thing Isaac suspects from KingsIsle is that they will throw us a "curve-ball" so to speak; they'll add something in that we've never seen up to this point of the game. So thinking of the Mastery Amulets and this post made me connect some points; what if we saw bosses that were two schools?

Confused? Stay with me; when you look at a boss, you see their name, correct? Now, when you look under their name, you see their school, right? Well, what if a boss was Fire and Myth? This would make it resistant to both the school of Fire and the school of Myth, however you could boost on them using Storm, Death, or Ice spells. This could lead to a bunch of different cheating bosses and interesting strategies. What do you think?

I have to get going, but before I leave, I figured I'd share some personal news with you guys. Not much to report on today; ran the Waterworks three times last night! The first was with the Twizard Panglou, Fallon from TPC and RR, and Angel WinterBreeze. We had some fun, and I got nothing but a Firestarter's Hood (which I already have) and 2 Mega Snacks. The second run was with all the same people except with Cassandra GriffinDreamer replacing Panglou. During that run, I got my Firestarter boots! :D woot! The last run was just me and Fallon, but we both used two accounts, and while Luke didn't get any gear, Valdus got his hat and his boots! Score! I'm looking forward to run it more; being with such talented wizards definitely put some new strategies in my brain. I also found out that Valdus's Ice Wyvern LOVES to Spritely, and honestly, I have no problem with that xD. I'm really hoping for Spritely on more of my Level 58 pets.

Gotta go now! Going out to lunch! Hope everyone is well!


P.S: It's almost the weekened and almost summer vacation; be happy! :)

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