Monday, May 16, 2011

That's A Wrap, Folks!

Hey Gang,

So I have a TON of personal news to go over! Ready? Here we go:

I got about four characters through WinterTusk. These characters are Luke GoldHorn (my main, obviously), Diana GoldHorn, Patrick FrostHorn, and Valdus GoldHorn. Luke worked with Cassandra GriffinDreamer just like in the Test Realm, and sure enough he had his Phoenix Egg in his backpack in no time! It hatched, and I trained it to teen, and she (her name is Isabella, just like the random name my Phoenix was assigned in the Test Realm; I had no better ideas, so I went for it) got Fire-Proof which gives Fire Resistance. How do I feel about that? /shrug ... eh. I guess you could say I don't; I mean, it's not my favorite talent that I've gotten before, but whatever, right?

And look at this cute little guy! :)

Haha! You can see that I named him Taz after Taz the Tasmanian Devil (sorry for bad spelling; don't have spell check on school computers).

He already was used for hatching, too! I mixed him with Alric's Judgement pet, and I got the Crop Watcher, as I had said in the last post. Also, as I said in the last post, I believe that if you mix your level 58 pet with the Judgement pet, you'll get the build of your opposite school but it will have the colors of your school. For example, if you mix a Scarecrow with the Judgement pet, my theory is that you will get the Death Forest Lord. See how it works? I know, very confusing, but that's the way it rolls. No, this is not a glitch; many people, seeing this in the Test Realm, thought it was as such (including me) and reported it, but it turns out that this is supposed to happen.

By the way, for some reason, my font wont be in any other formation other than centered, so ... the font will be centered for this post from here. Anyway, back on topic; I've been working on training my Forest Lord as well! In fact, it is my Level 58 pet that has been leveled the farthest thus far! It only has 20 exp left until it reaches ancient (which for me is two minigames), and I'm really hoping it gets something awesome like Spritely. I'm not exactly sure if I want my Forest Lord to have spritely yet, because when the pet uses Spirtely, it would take my Guiding Lights. But currently it gives Health Gift (which I am happy with; it gives about 89 health at the moment) and Pip O' Plenty (Very happy with this; I really liked having over 100% Power Pips; currently it gives around 3%).

I've also being doing some Waterworks Runs. I had my first run on Diana with Alric and Sorcress Miklai on Saturday morning. I had some fun, and only left with 2 Mega Snacks and no Level 60 Gear. On Saturday evening, Luke ran a run with Cassandra GriffinDreamer. Before I entered the dungeon, I actually met a reader of my blog! I forget his full name, but I believe his first was Jason, so I just wanted to say thanks to him for recognizing me. He walked away with 2 Mega Snacks and his Legendary Hat. The hat, in my opinion, is really ugly. So I had that stitched, and I'm running low on Crowns. After buying henchmen here and there, a Mega Snack Pack to train my Forest Lord, and stitching some clothing, I only have around 700 Crowns. I really need to buy some more.

Anyway, what else is there to talk about? Oh, right, Valdus and Patrick! Well, when I started WinterTusk, Patrick was about 2 bars away from 51. At the end, with no side quests, he was Level 56! Now he's questing through Celestia with Valdus at his side. He reached level 58 in Stormriven late last night and got both his Ra spell and the Judgement pet!

Awesomeness! I remember this quest back from the Test Realm (ah, such an exciting time, that was). This time when I did it in the Live Realm though, it was a bit glitched. When Ra appeared to Patrick, the Frost Giant noise was playing in the backround. I didn't really care though; wasnt that important. Also, after reading through the quest to get Judgement, it kinda makes sense why you get that whole wild card affect from it when mixing. It's restoring Balance in a way, and you'll see that in the quest to get it that Judgement serves to Balance. Wow ... that sounds very philosophical.

Anyway, that's about it. Yesterday, after I only got four hours of sleep, I had to go to school and leave Patrick to finish Stormriven, and, who knows, maybe even make it to the Crustacean Empire by the end of tonight. I'm looking forward to having my final wzard through Celestia and to get back to questing through WinterTusk on Mycin and Noah and even Jotun and RavenScar on Gilroy.

Have a good day! See you in class!


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