Thursday, May 26, 2011

Party Revisited and Making a Difference

Hey Gang,

So I'd like to start with the shorter news first and eventually move on to longer and more in depth news. The first thing I'd like to discuss with you today is KingsIsle and their "Official" Community Blog List. Recently, KingsIsle decided that even if you have bought your domain name from blogger, they wont accept it; in fact, if your blog is associated with blogger in any way, shape, or form, it will be rejected. That's the main reason for why I got rejected; because even though I bought my own domain, it's run on blogspot.

Let me first start off by saying that the whole "Official" thing in my opinion is overrated. If people like your blog, they'll come to it whether you're official or not. I mean, don't get me wrong; it feels a bit depressing when you aren't actually official, but it's ok to be "unofficial" too! :) Look at me; I'm unofficial, and I consider my blog somewhat successful. I mean, sure you don't get the free stuff and the sponsorship for contestants and awesome benefits like that, but it's ok.

Moving on from Official being overrated, I believe KingsIsle has actually accepted people who have purchased a domain name from blogger past 2009. I believe (however I may be mistaken) that these blogs belong to Issac MistHeart and Alia LotusPetal. Now these blogs are fantastic blogs, but is it fair to accept them but not The Pie-Loving Necromancer, The Saviors of the Spiral, or even me for that matter? We've all put money into our blogs that could have been spent on other things that we actually need just to be rejected? That seems way too harsh for me.

It's like if I said to KingsIsle: Look, you're game, it's pretty awesome. I realize you're an MMO since it's online, but I'm not going to consider it an MMO because you're associated with Disney and you're kid-friendly (Look, I realize at the moment that KingsIsle isn't associated with Disney currently, but hey, it looks like we're headed down that trail). I do think, however, that if our community comes together andn supports blogs like mine, the two others I mentioned, and any others that follow the rules and want to be official, that we can change what is. I mean, KingsIsle is a great company; when their players aren't happy, they fix the problem to benefit the player. I feel like if we had enough numbers, KingsIsle would accept blogs like ours. Also, I wanna thank Edward WinterGem who posted something along these lines and inspiring me to talk about this. Go and check out his blog!

Anyway, that half half of the post was just meant so I could express how I felt about the whole situation. I hope I did it in an appropriate manner.

Let's move on to a more fun topic; the new Mega Bundle! Now if you look at it, it is NOT Egyptian! It is more Arabic or Indian, and it does in fact look a lot like the palace from the movie Aladin. KingsIsle, I'd like to warn you now; tie off your strings with Disney now. They're like a black hole; they're gonna try to buy out Wizard101, and trust me, they're gonna offer a TON of cash, and you can't let this happen. If Wizard101 is handed over to Disney, it's going to be a hot mess. Move away while you still have a chance!

The house is really cool though. I really like the Genie who gives you wishes! I heard he has a possibility of giving Mega Snack Packs!!! AH! I REALLY like the Magic Carpet! I love the fact that it looks like I'm skate boarding. The gear, looks and stats, I wasn't real impressed with, but the Level 50 Flute Wand is pretty neat! The Snake in a Basket pet is pretty awesome too, but I haven't really had time to train mine yet.

WHAT?!?! Are you saying you got the Mega Bundle, Luke?!?!?

I did, in fact! When I figured out some GameStops were already selling them, I called my local GameStop, and what do ya know?! They had a huge stack of them sitting on the counter, so I begged my mom to drive me and get me one. I'm really thankful that she did. I couldn't enter my house the first day I got it, because there was some bug for Crowns players that said it was a Premium Area, however it wouldn't give you an option to buy it. The house is HUGE!

And guess what?! I am going to host MY Wizaversary in my new Massive Sultan's Palace! It's going to be awesome! Yesterday I finished the Red Carpet, and it looks amazing. There's still a few finishing touches I'd like to add to the outside, like candles around the moat encircled dueling ring and some flowers and cocoanut drinks around my oasis, but other than that, the outside is pretty much done with the other exception of a TON of gardening that's in store for me.

As I mentioned, I did find a way to float items on the new dueling circle, and it's a bit different than the MFP, so I'm going to put a video on YouTube later today showing you how to do that. I will be putting walls around the surrounding area so you can't get a sneek peak at my house. :P

I've been really defensive about who I let in the house lately because people keep trying to get glimpses of the house! I'm sorry, but you're just going to have to wait! The only people that have really seen it are Marcus BattleCrafter (once known as Wolf IceHunter, my neighbor), Paige MoonShade, Mary DreamShade, and Cassandra GriffinDreamer. They're all helping me design my house.

Anyway, so the inside it coming out pretty well. I just have a few things I wanna craft for the dance floor and some other things. I'm REALLY excited for the event! I'm gonna have to have a sound check a few days in advance to see if I can mute my mike yet play some itunes in the backround for the dance portion of the party so we actually have something to dance floor (yeah, there isn't really any interesting sound effects in the new house).

We also have some contests that will take place during the party! I will go through and explain all of the following contests (please note that the following contests currently have no set prize):

1. Fashion Contest- In this contest, you will be judged on your appearance to the party. I can obviously not do this alone, so the judges of this contest that will accompany me and my seat will be a featured guest (I still have to ask around) and the first person selected from the random generator to be a featured guest! I'm thinking about asking Fallon from Ravenwood Radio, so if she declines I'll be sure to update you! In order to be a judge, you do not need a headset and a mic, but you DO need a Skype so you can send me your winner! Everyone will automatically be entered in this contest!

2. PvP Tourney- There will be 14 spots in the PvP Tourney. This is a 2v2 Tourney, so bring a partner!

3. 5 Featured Guests- I've already talked about this one; if you enter this contest, you will be entered in a random drawing to be one in five people to be featured on the Red Carpet along with some famous Wizards that are attending the party. The first wizard drawn will also help me and another wizard with Fashion Judging. If you are a featured guest (by random draw), you cannot win the Fashion Contest, however you may enter the PvP Tourney. If you are a featured wizard (meaning you do not have to fill out an entry form because you are allowed on the Red Carpet), check UNDER the entry form at the List of Names.

You may only enter each contest ONCE! If I see someone has entered twice, ALL of their entries will be terminated. Again, I should have the pages for these soon. I'm thinking after the Red Carpet Event, I'll let the PvP teams gear up and be ready by 6:45 P.M. CST.

Ok, I gotta jet! Very long blog post! See ya!



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