Friday, October 22, 2010

The Wild Wild Bolt Debate

Hey Everyone,

So, if you haven't heard, KingsIsle has changed the Wild Bolt spell on the Test Realm. The card use to have 10% and hit for 1000 damage,but they have changed it to a 70% accuracy, however, the spell could do 1, 10, 100. or 1000 damage. So, as you could imagine, Storm Wizards across the Spiral are becoming outraged with it, to the point of harassing and abusing people. Have I fought in the bloody war of Wizard101 Central about Wild Bolt? Yes. What side was I on? I'm on the side of the new Wild Bolt.

But, P.D, why? Don't you have a Storm Wizard? This is totally unbalancing the game!

No, it's not. It's actually making the game's balance increase. Here is a response I posted on several threads and blogs about getting rid of the new Wild Bolt:

Hey there! So, I was reading your post, and I actually very much disagree with you for several reasons. One, by the end of level 60, Storm wizards would be able to power the accuracy to 50%, 60%, or even 70%. And that's just with gear. THEN, if you add Unstoppable, you'd make the spell 95%. That's more accuracy than with Life wizards. Or, if you decide to add elucidate, you can make the spell hit 7/10 percent of the time for 0 pips. Second, Storm wizards will be getting Leviathan, and that could be your new bolt. sure, it may not cost 2 pips, but, again, if you use Elucidate on it, it will be reduced to 6 pips, and you could attack the next round (given that you get 3 power pips). Third, this makes for an excellent shield remover. I did a test, and 1/8 times I got a wild bolt that did 1000 damage. So, also, technically speaking, your chances were increased from 1/10 to 1/8. However, and the point that I think gets Storm Wizards upset the most, you cannot increase the likelihood of it doing 1000 damage, whereas with accuracy this is possible. I see no reason for distress for this. Even coming from a PvE stand-point, this change makes sense. Now, it wont be amazingly easy to get through every battle; there is going to have to be a bit more sense intertwined. You may still disagree with me, but if you look through it from neutral eyes, not the "complainer"'s point of view, as people have been calling them, nor from the Storm's point of view, this makes complete sense.

Most of my points are listed in there. It just becomes a problem. I mean, did you Storm Wizards REALLY think that Wild Bolt wouldn't be changed eventually? With all the boosts, there would be a point where Wild Bolt could reach 90%, 95%, or even 100% accuracy. It'd be unstoppable. And that isn't right. A good thread to go if you want to see an excellent interpretation of why the new Bolt should be kept, go here.

I'll be posting a poll to see what you guys think, and feel free to comment as well. :)


*EDIT: I'm also not for the change of Judgement? Why? Well, simply because it'd be impossible to play through the game as a Balance wizard. Again, people need to start think for BOTH PvE and PvP. Maybe they could lower Judgement in the arena or something, but keep it as is PvE. Thanks for bringing up the point though :)


  1. I agree and disagree
    I feel they should leave it the way it was but remove it from PvP. Myself as a storm wizard use wild bolt in PvE, this is a no biggy doesn't hurt anyone.

    On the other hand in PvP as a non storm wizard I don't like how it is abused. If it is used in normal way and no enhanced it would be ok, or simply removed from PvP

  2. I completely agree. Wildbolt was initially designed as a gamble spell, where it could hit really big. However, for 2 pips, it hit extraordinarily high, could be boosted through armor, and if you missed, you kept your pips. This way, it is much more of a gamble. It might do a ton of damage, or it might only do 1. It wasn't ever supposed to be something to build a strategy around.

  3. Good job Luke. I especially liked the 10% to 1/8 (12.5%) comparison.

    I don't PvP but the only time I did, I won it with a Kraken/Bolt combination. I get that it's an issue there but can't really speak to that.

    In PvE, I never pack bolts. Never. With all of the storm buffs and ability to crank out big numbers even on the 2nd or 3rd turns, I think the diviners can survive this adjustment. ;-)

    However, I do think the idea of this wildcard spell is kind of fun and consistent with the relatively low accuracy but high damage philosophy of storm. It's a lottery; a chance to win really big, if only a small chance. I'm glad to see KI address the concerns while trying to maintain the same spirit.

  4. I started to comment, but then it became this really big comment, so I blogged it instead.

    There's the link if you are interested.

  5. OK! time for a judgment Nerf since apparently wild bolt is the only over-powered spell! and i am not saying much just maybe 100 damage per pip would still be big or maybe even 95 and lower tempest to 75! or if you want to get even more crazy give stellar magic some balance shields! just some ideas! and change wild bolt slightly if you don't mind: remove the 1 damage (too humiliating) make it 60% OK?! good!