Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Day With the Gobblers

Hey Everyone,

So thanks for the um ... well, thanks xD for my previous blog post on Sunday. Glad to hear people like my opinion (for once, tehehe :) ).

Sorry by the way for not being able to post yesterday; I had to go shopping with her to help her find a Semi Formal dress. Of course, two days after I get rejected to go to Semi. *sigh*. I did get some Halloween stuff out of it though :D.

Anyway, so you caught me on a bad day. I found myself hating people today. They're so rude, ya know? Stealing people's chairs in lunch, stealing people's desks in Math class, constantly trying to be funny while really making fools out of themselves, making hallway blockades just to make 80 people late for class .... . Someday ... *shakes fist while fire glares in eyes*. Huh, maybe I should have been a Necromancer ... o. o

The point is, if you could take one lesson or one tip from me today, let it be this: Don't be one of those people, or what I like to call Gobblers! Those nasty little Gobblers always getting on people's nerves! *shakes fist again*. Anywho, I'm going to give ya some tips on how to avoid being one of those Gobblers (hey, look, it's not very W101 related, but I think basic manners are always good to know :) . Plus, I got two huge assignments I gotta get started on.) :

  • Alway, Always, Always, Always Think About Others: Sure, you may have the right to freedom of speech/expression, and sure, you may feel the need to get in people's faces, but consider the other person. You don't know everything. That person could be having problems at home or at school. Why would you want to make it worse for them? Sure, it may make you feel better by making fun of them, but have you ever though, "Hey, maybe instead of making fun of Bob (no, that's not my real name ;) ), I could make fun of why blueberries are blue (look, I know that was really corny right there, but hey, you get the point, don't you? Basically, if you feel the need to make fun of someone, make fun of someTHING instead. Objects don't have feeling; humans do, and why would you want to hurt a person's feelings?)."
  • Be Considerate: Be polite. Say excuse me, thank you, pardon me, sorry, please, etc. Those are good words that people like to hear :). I love it when someone says to me, "Oh, did I just hit you with my backpack? I'm so sorry; it was an accident." I don't mind that at all. What I can't stand is, "Yo man, get out of my way!", served with a brutal push and a bruise. So yeah, remember your "kind" words :)
  • Never, Ever Touch Someone You Don't Know: This kinda goes along to being considerate to others, but I feel it is necessary to make this it's own subject. Look, it's like this: don't touch people you don't know. Is it that complicated to understand? I absolutely hate when people are pushing and shoving their way through the hallways. Like, if you touch someone by accident, back away and say, "Oh, I'm sorry, I was _____" <------ Insert there (examples would be pushed, kicked, shoved, etc.). And this even goes for doing stupid pranks on people trying to hurt them. Plus, you never know, they could have germs on them.
  • Don't Take Things That Don't Belong To You: All day today, people were stealing chairs and desks that of which belonged to me (well, obviously I don't own chairs and desks in my school, but you get what I mean; the chairs and desk where I should have been). Please don't do this, for this is highly aggravating, especially in cases such as a) the person says sorry, however doesn't give it back, or even b) when you have to tell the person to get out of your seat a trillion times for them to actually get what you are telling them.
That's pretty much all I got for trying to avoid being a Gobbler. And look, I'm not trying to lecture you on who you should be or anything, just keep those manners in mind. Plus, you could apply at least 75% of those to the Spiral.

Well, in other news, the poll on the best 58 spell has ended (it has a few hours left, but I'm pretty sure all my readers have voted already), and here are the results:

1st Place: Leviathan with eight votes!!!

2nd Place: Ra and Skeletal Dragon both with six votes!!!!!!!!!!!

3rd Place: Medusa with four votes!!!!

In 4th place tied all the others; Snow Angel, Forest Lord, and Efreet. Anyways, this does a good job at displaying what spells players like and dislike. Thanks for voting readers! Now I gotta get going; I'll see you in the Spiral!


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  1. It changed xD I forgot and put in my Skeletal Dragon vote! Tied for second! Nice! Woo xD