Thursday, October 14, 2010

Running For President!

Hey Everyone,

So, first right off the bat, after you're done reading this post, scroll down and read the post before this (that is, if you haven't already). This is a post about the level 58 spells, I worked very hard on it, for almost an hour, and I really think I did a good job on that one, so feel free to take a look :)

So it seems I missed Student/Teachers nominations :/ Yep, gotta wait another 6 months to run for that again. However, I have found something even better! I'M GONNA RUN FOR PRESIDENT OF THE RAVENWOOD STUDENT BODY! :D

That's right! Look at my campaign poster!:

Epic, isn't it? If you want to enter, you can go here. I really hope I win this thing. I mean, I've severely, unhealthily addicted to Wizard101 (teehehe), and I try my best for the community (after all, I do want to work at KI after I get my degree in 5 years ;D ). I also have a lot of experience with the game, including a year and 4 months of experience as well as the experience of a grandmaster in every school. So please, (obviously if you're running, then vote for yourself, but otherwise,) VOTE LUKE GOLDHORN FOR YOUR PRESIDENT!


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