Wednesday, October 13, 2010

People Being Upset With Their Level 58 Spells?

Hey Everyone,


So, I've recently been hearing about many people being upset with their level 58 spells (with the exception of Life; if someone is upset about that, it's news to me, however I could understand why. Life is mostly about healing. I'm not by any means saying that Life shouldn't have gotten Forest Lord; it's awesome and I'm sure I'll love it for Diana, but it really doesn't fit the school). I really think that many people are upset because many, many (in fact, I can't think of one right off the top of my head, with the exception of Leviathan, and of Snow Angel's second effect) of the level 58 spells stray from their original purpose. Let's briefly explore what I mean by this:

  • Efreet- Efreet's special effect is the amazing -90% of all spells (basically like a buffed tower shield). Now, trust me, I love this as much as the next Pyromancer, but I mean, it doesn't really fit our school. Fire should be getting more A. DOT's (btw, for those that don't know, DOT=Damage Over Time, AOE=Area of Effect), or B. More straight up single hits. It just seems to stray from the meaning of Fire...
  • Snow Angel- Now I had a big problem with this one (not necessarily the actual stats, but more like details around the spell). I bet you're expecting me to say "that's too weak for a Rank 8 Spell," or, "that is th weakest spell." Far from it. The main problem I have with Snow Angel is that it requires you to go to Grizzlehiem. As a crowns player, I don't have Grizzlehiem bought on my second account, because it's optional and because it's so expensive. For Ice wizards, basically, they have just made Grizzlehiem mandatory. You MUST, I repeat, MUST go to Grizzlehiem to get Snow Angel. I'm also in controversy with the attack approach it takes. While I like it is one of the three AOE's initiated to Rank 8 spells, this is an DOT. Wait ... what?! Isn't that Fire's job?! While they're initial attack is about half as strong as Fire Dragon, their after damage is about double. This is very messed up to me. However, I do like the taunt at the end, because that was the main reason of Ice; to tank. So, my overall thought? Strays waaaaay too much from the school (with the exception of the after effect).
  • Leviathan- Leave this spell exactly how it is. It possess all the qualities of Storm: It hits high, and it removes charms, which is a power contained in the Storm school. I love this spell just the way it is (However, I wouldn't totally disagree with making it an AOE, however, it's damage would have to be reduced to about Triton's damage)!
  • Ra- This is a tricky one. See, I really love Ra the way it is; it shows the Balance between even the new schools of magic (the Sun God of Egypt, hint hint), its shows the tremendous amount of power that the Balance school contains, and the graphics are great. However, it does stray a tiny bit from the school of Balance as well. A key term in Balance is blading and shielding people. If we gave Ice the defense role, why don't we, for balancing purposes, make Balance the blading school? This way, Balance isn't overstepping anyone's boundaries. So why don't we make Ra a tiny bit weaker (like, I don't know, maybe 10 points less than Forest Lord), and have the after effect cast a bladestorm on everyone? I think that seems kinda fair. I do think that Ra could stay unchanged however, because it's strong enough to show the power of Balance, yet it doesn't reveal the whole school. If you want to see my big rant on why Balance Wizards should be happy to have Ra, then you should go here.
  • Forest Lord- Again, another hard choice. I personally say leave it, however, if one wanted to tweak it, I'd suggest adding something that the Life school does, such as healing. Maybe add a Sprite or Regenerate; whichever KI feels is best for the school so that it Balances out Role Playing and Power.
  • Medusa- I say make Medusa an AOE (I actually predicted the spell Medusa back in July, and Mythspent Youth also asked for it). Myth lacks powerful AOE spells (damage-wise, that is). I don't necessarily think it should be a two-hit spell (I don't really myself like setting up everything twice on Noah) however. The stun twice is awesome; that is a talent of Myth, that is also shared by Fire and Ice, which are the mother and father schools to Myth Magic. If you don't think it should be and AOE, of course taking off a bit of damage in the process, then I say leave as is.
  • Skeletal Dragon- There's a rumor going around that Skeletal Dragon was made in 10 minutes! Can you believe that? I'd imagine that it wouldn't really flow, and that it wouldn't really work out if it was only put together in 10 minutes. In fact I remeber talking to my friend, Paige Whisper, over Skype, and we first saw it together, and our first remarks were that it flowed and looked so perfect. Anyway, let's get off the topic of graphics and back more on the topic of actual stats. I say totally rethink this one; even the direction of the spell. I don't think Death should get an AOE, but I do think that they should get either A. Another attack like Wraith (decent damage however saps health from damage points), or B. A straight up hit. Death's most powerful spells are spells that don't sap health. Therefore, if Death wants another strong spell, give them something like that. If most Death students want a sap health spell, then give them a weaker spell and do that (however, make it stronger than Wraith ;) ). I can see where KI was going with this; Death has had both straight up hitters and sap spells updated for Death, and the only DOT they have is Poison. So why don't we "upgrade" this spell? Good idea yet bad idea. Look at storm. They don't even have a trainable or even school only taught spell that does x over y amount of rounds. But then we get back to the main idea, "Well, that's not really what Storm is about." Well that's not what Death is about either. I did, however like the attempt on this one though :). Good job KI, at least you're trying.
My whole point with this isn't to bring up controversy, or tell KI that I don't like thier idea (I love KI :D ), or even to say, "I'm not happy with these spells, I want them changed!" The whole point of this post is to say, "Hey KI, was looking at the Level 58 spells, and I noticed a few things that didn't really add up. Mind taking a look at it, and seeing maybe if we could change a few features?" If you noticed, the only spell I said I'd actually change (by this I mean the whole entire concept of the spell, including graphics) would be Death. This is by no means a complaint.

I hope everyone enjoyed my view on this topic! Thanks for all you readers who read through this extremely long post, and thank you, KI, for having quite an awesome game! Can't wait to be a Beta tester for the second project! :D



  1. Hey I happen to know a whole armada who loves the death spell, and I am one of them, I think it's epic

  2. Great post, as always Luke. I'm surprised you got that out in only an hour. :-) Whether people agree with your opinions or not, it's obvious that you put a lot of thought into them and they're a good contribution to the community.

  3. although life is healing dont you think since we have that many healing spells forest lord should remain the same i mean every other school got at least one so come on

  4. i made skeletal do 3000 per turn :). i lvl 60 i master gardener yay

  5. people really? sgwiz battle i agree life should stay the same, but what i was gonna say was it's not your choice! ok so just you know!