Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Wait Is Killing Me!!

Hey Everyone,

So, I have a lot going on right now (I have 4 tests tomorrow. Yep, AP Government, Honors English II Vocabulary Test, Latin Test on the Roman Gods, and a Biology Test), so I'm going to try to make today's post as short and to the point as possible (don't worry, I'm sure tomorrow's post will be super! :D ). Also, before we get started, I'm happy to announce that I did indeed answer Blaze's question to his approval, so thanks again for the question Blaze :).

So, this wait for Celestia is killing me. Every day I expect to come home, load the Wizard101 Launcher, and BAM! Celestia [at least] RELEASED IN TEST REALM!! I SOOOOO want the genie spell. As for Patrick FrostHorn (my Balance :) ), he's really looking forward to that Horus spell as well. I'm also saving money to buy crowns for two reasons: 1. I would spend it if I put it on my account now xD and 2. I'm trying to wait and see if they'll have a crowns sale RIGHT before Celestia comes out (which, btw Kingsisle, this would be an awesome idea :D ).

So, what have I been doing during the wait? Well, I made a nifty (ha, there I go again. You should try using it sometime, especially the bloggers; we could make it into a trend ;) ) little bullet list of stuff to do while waiting out the legendary Wait of Celestia:

  • Get Involved!: Oh no!!!! It's high school all over again!!! xD Anyway, try getting involved with the community. Start a blog, make a Facebook (if you're old enough) for you character, tweet about Wizard101, blog or start threads on Central, start a podcast, start a W101 project; do something to contribute to this wonderful community! :D
  • Go Get Some More Grandmasters: Well, there's probably not enough time left for this one, but hey, the point is, why not start another wizard? Not only do you get to add another Grandmaster to the community, but you get to learn more about another school and more about the game as well.
  • I Shoulda Been A Farma: Go farm some gold, man! Get a pick axe, slap on a 49'ers cap, get your wagon, and go to Oyotomi, or whoever you like to farm. With gold, you can get almost anything, including Houses (including school houses too!), mounts, pets, and much more! So go get your main an awesome looking school house!
  • Train your pets: How many Epic pets do you have? You can never have the best pet! Always train and mix your pet to customize the perfect stats. This could be done by, say, mixing your Helephant that gives a Fire Blade with another Helephant that gives Fire Power. Sure, you wont get a hybrid, but you will get an awesome pet in return. And keep doing this until you get the ultimate pet!
I'm sure there are fifty million and one things more to do, but I'm running out of time. List some of the things you like to do in the Wait For Celestia. Also, don't forget to look me up on Facebook and follow me on Twitter (there's a nifty little button on the side that will take you to my Twitter right about there---------------------------------------------------------------------------->)! See ya in the Spiral!!!


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