Wednesday, October 27, 2010

All Hail Puppymancer!

Hey Everyone,

So, first off, Celestia is amazing! :) I've been going very slow through it though on the Live realm. In fact, my farthest wizard is Mycin, and he just entered the Grotto.

Why haven't I been playing hardcore through Celestia?

Well, first off, it's not like Celestia is going anywhere. It's going to be here forever now. There's no reason to rush it. Yeah, so you can extend that "3 month occupation" thing I said to more like 6-10 months of leveling wizards through Celestia.

Second, I've been preparing for Halloween a lot at my house. You see, at my house, we always do a "Haunted Garage", where we decorate our garage and have trick or treaters come in so we can scare them. >:D . Yeah, but this year is probably going to be our last year, cause we're probably moving, so yeah, we're trying to make it extra extra scary! >:D

Third, I've been helping Ian, Christina IceDreamer's son (also known as Stormy Wiz). He's awesome. I didn't really grab any pictures of us fighting together, but I DID get a picture of me and Christina IceDreamer's cousin Calamity!

Yeah, Christina IceDreamer, on a awesome scale of 1-10, is like an infinity (I don't have the infinity symbol on my key board xD). But yeah, if you ever see her around, mind your Icy wiz!

Oh and also, I thought I should mention a GREAT achievement. Whilst typing my English Persuasive Essay, and whilst petting my dog Beau the Fierce Hound, my puppy (:D), HE TRIED TO PLAY WIZARD101!!!!! He grabbed my mouse, MOVED IT over to the W101 icon, AND THEN CLICKED ON IT! O. O! I was amazed!!!!!!!!!

I officially dubbed his new name Puppymancer; the first dog to EVER play Wizard101!!!! :D You can find a picture of Puppymancer here. Feel free to adore it, print it, hug it, tape it to your wall as a poster, and heck, if I ever meet you in real life (which I highly doubt, lol), maybe he can sign it for you! :D

So yeah, that was definitely awesome. I feel like that is a special sort of awesome ...



Oh goodness! 10:35?!?!?! I better get to bed! I'll see YOU in the Spiral!


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  1. You're lucky. My dog rests her head on the corner of the laptop, right where the Escape and power keys are! She's logged me off more than once.