Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Celestia is Amazing!!

Hey All,

So, I'm taking a temporary break from Test Realm. Really I'm only using it for experimental purposes now. Anyway, Celestia is EPIC!!! In fact, it is too epic for the world to see! Ok, so I got lots of pictures, videos, and links for you! Let's start with the pictures (by the way, I did CL with Patirck, so yeah, you're gonna see him, not Luke :) )!:

heh heh, you may not see it here, but try to find Squidward in this picture!

I quested with Paige MoonGem in the TR. Let me tell you, she truly is awesome :)

This is a secret trainer of the Moon or Lunar school! oOo! Also, a Lounge Lizard here. Lounge Lizards are the little critters you collect from Zeke!

This is one of Patrick's friends getting the new Storm Spell, LEVIATHAN! Dude, this thing is wicked!!!

This is a new Life Ring I got from Helios, the boss you have to face in order to get the new spell for Balance. Go Level 58 Gear!

This is the epic new Balance spell, RA (Or as I like to call him - since his name IS blocked by the filter, Bird-Face :P ). This guy has a Monstrous on in this picture (a spelled learned in the sun school), so if you take off the Monstrous effect you get 560-640 Balance Damage. Not bad, not bad (hey, at least it's an AOE ;) ).

Ra in action! SWEET!

This is the new Fire hat. Yeah, this one is definatley being stitch ... hehe...

I ran into Fallon DeathSlinger questing in a place called Stormriven Hall. She is amazing as well :).

You see this guy? Right here? You sure? Cause he gives you a side-quest that isn't really important. I mean, who would want a wand that gave 2 power pips automatically on top of their regular pip (The look for Balance kinda looks like a flash light hehe). Wait a minute ... WHAT?!?!?

This is Patrick in front of an epic Kraken Monument in Stormriven Hall. Sweet!

Ok, phew, those are all the pictures! Now time for videos!:

  • Lounge Lizard Guide (Link and Video) : This is a guide to the Lounge Lizards me and my W101 bff came up with. A video will be appearing there very soon... ;)
  • 58 Spells- Here you can see all of the Level 58 spells in action for all the Schools of Magic
  • 58 Spell Cards (Link and Video)- This guy here has useful pictures of what all the cards look like.
Ok cool, there is one more link that I want to send to you which is the Update Notes For Celestia. This contains some great update details about Celestia. Feel free to say how you feel about Celestia! Personally, I think it is VERY epic. Way to step up the game, KI :D.


****P.S: 100th post!!!!! :D****

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