Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Alan Wake and My Observations of the New Video

Hey Gang,

Well, I've been up to a lot lately! Shall we get started?

So let me start off with some personal news, and eventually we'll progress into my observations concerning the new video. So who's ever heard of Alan Wake? It IS a rated T game, so I wont get into the more gruesome parts of it. Anyway, I spent my gaming time this past weekend completing that game, and let me tell you; it was absolutely fabulous! If you're 13+ and are looking for a good horror mystery game, I highly suggest checking this game out.

Basically it's about this horror mystery writer (the guy's name is Alan Wake; HUGE reference to Stephen King) who lives in New York with his lovely wife Alice. Well, this writer has been having Writer's Block for the past 2 years, and he's been getting grumpier with each day he can't write. So his wife secretly calls a clinic that specializes in helping artists gain their spark of innovation back (you find out later in the game that they aren't so good with this).

Anyway, so Alice tricks him into thinking that they're going on vacation. When she tries to get him to write, he gets really mad and goes for a walk on the little island they are vacationing on. Well, next thing he knows, the power goes out (its night time), and his wife has a phobia of the dark. When Wake goes into their cabin to help her, he finds the balcony railing broken that's directly over the lake. He dives in to save her, and he passes out.

He then wakes up to find himself in a crashed car. There are also pieces of a manuscript lying around. Now, I can't really go any further from here without spoiling the game for people who want to play it, but it's an amazing game. It's inspired me to start writing again, so I also have yet another reason to love the game.

So I was playing that when I had the chance. I finally beat it, and I should resume playing Wizard101 again. There really isn't much to say about Patrick's progress; as I said, I haven't really been able to play him much. He's just starting the Grotto, and I have to say, I really love my strategy. What I usually do is boost Valdus up with all my blades, then I'll have Valdus attack. As you can guess, however, certain schools are resistant to Ice, so that's a major weakness. I'll probably change it up as I go along.

So let's move on to the juicy stuff; take a look at this picture from the video that was released last Friday:

Does anyone see anything odd there? The guy with the Scarecrow pet is wearing what seems to be the GrandMaster Life Gear.

PLEASE NOTE: I'm not saying it is the GrandMaster Life gear.

What I'm saying is, the clothing he's wearing happens to be the same design for the GrandMaster Theurgist's Robe, Hat, and Shoes (they are also green, the color of the Life School, as well). Another item of note: He is wearing the level 45 No Auction Life Blade. Now, this item is more debatable, because Death wizards are likely to use Life Wands due to shielding and such, however it could be a Life Wizard wearing a Life Wand.

After I looked at this, I started looking at the different Wizards that had these new pets:

So if you notice, none of them really are wearing clothing representing the school of the pet (or at least, their clothing isn't pertaining to their School Colors. Rather, they seem to dress as other Schools of Magic than the School of their pet). A red clothed guy (could be a Fire Wizard) is wearing a Humongofrog as well as a black and purple clothed girl (could be a Death Wizard). Also, a blue clothed girl (could be an Ice wizard) has the Kraken pet.

Also, take a look at their clothing. Do yo see and Celestian-looking gear or wands? Now, again, this could be just because the KingsIsle Employees simply don't like the look of the Celestian gear, OR it could suggest that these pets are NOT obtained via the level 58 School Pet quests. This kinda makes me sad though. I really wanted that Scarecrow pet.

So, what does this mean? This could mean that these are NOT school specific pets!

Now, while I realize any Myth wizard could wear an Orthrus whilst sporting Black and Purple attire, I'm just suggesting; think about it. There's no solid evidence saying that these pets are/aren't School Specific pets. I would consider the following:

1. They are new pets we can buy.
2. They are pets earned from school quests, however, they are not school specific.
3. They are new hybrids.

What are your thoughts? Be sure to comment below!

Well, that's about all the time I have to spare today Wizards! I'll see you in the Spiral!


P.S: Again, this is all theorycrafting!


  1. The game you describe remind me of a game I played years and years ago for PC.. I can not remember the name of it though. But it too was a horror/mystery/semi-sci-fi rpg game.

  2. If you also see, there are mounts with no one on them!

  3. I think that scarecrow is 58 death. humongofrog is 38 myth and kraken is 38 storm. but that's just me.