Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Ghost Post

Hey Gang,

Sorry about this post. Originally, in case I blogged while at school, I just wanted to post my pictures in a draft post, but then I accidentily pressed publish, and well all the pictures were only published! So I'm officially here to deliver my thoughts!

So unless you live in a black hole with no news whatsoever, you'd know that WinterTusk hit the Test Realms last night! W00t! Now what really shocked me was, theoretically, this is just GrizzleHiem. It's not a world by itself, in fact, it's just further into GH. So that was very interesting to learn! I'm going to use pictures to narrate most of my feelings for WinterTusk:

Oh my gosh! PINK GNOMES (sorry, meant lightish red xD)!!! Future pet, KI?

GrandMother Raven's Tree and the census of the town. Holy Claws that's awesome!

Wow! Just look at this new armor! Overpowered, much?

Yeah, this wasn't from a boss drop; it was a regular mob. No biggie, ya know..? xD

I had the amazing privilage of questing through WinterTusk with the amazing Cassandra GriffinDreamer! It was a ton of fun, yo! We were up till 12:30 last night xD.

Never ... Walking ... Into ... PvP ... AGAIN!

Me and Cass in front of a BEAUTIFUL landscape!

More questing with Cass....


Wow! The new Wild Bolt! Why do I feel like Insane Bolt will be overpowered?

Oh my gosh! *Says goodbye to all hopes of ever doing PvP again*

I'll say it a third time ... NO MORE PvP FOR ME!

This is a pretty rad wand! I WANT TO CRAFT IT!

New Staff I got from a boss xD too bad I don't remember who from. Stats down below...

...stats from staff above...

Awesome quest-required transformation! :D

So I have a TON of thoughts on WinterTusk that honestly need to wait until tomorrow. I'm too tired to post about it, and it's a mouthful, so expect to see a new post tomorrow or the day after regarding WinterTusk. I got my Phoenix pet though! More on that later though :P! See ya!


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