Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Something ... Not WinterTusk?

Hey Everyone,

Again, I apologize for the formatting. School computers. It will be reformated when I get home from school (around 3:15 EST), so come back then if this bothers you, but if it doesn't feel free to read it now.

Anyway, so before I get into WinterTusk, I just kinda wanted to share something with you.

Gee Luke, go ahead!

Really? You wouldn't mind?

Well, it really isn't that important to me, but I'll listen to you blather on about your miserable life.

Ok! So for the newer readers of my blog, I used to play the game with a great friend, her name was Paige Whisper. It's funny; if it werent for a lot of things (this blog, the Late Night Wizards Group, The Friendly Necromancer; and even Wizard101 if you want to take it that far), our friendship wouldn't have progressed as far as it did, let alone exist. We met in DragonSpyre when Mycin was on his way to GrandMaster. We both had great manners, and that's how we became friends. Then I was testing Late Night Radio, my old podcast that didn't even last a full episode, she helped me test it out.

So she got on Skype and we started talking on there. We became better friends, and things just sorta clicked. During the summer, we leveled some of our wizards together, which included Noah and Diana (her character's names were Kiley Dusk and Ryan RainCaller, who was in fact a girl). We took on a challenge together too; we wanted to see how fast we could level a wizard to Legendary in. It wound up only taking two weeks, and that was before Celestia came out (this all happened in about August).

Then Celestia came out in the beginning of October. We were extremely excited for it. But in a way, Celestia's what caused her to pass away from the Spiral. As excited as we were about it, she isn't one for change, really. In fact, she hates it. So with all the change that came with Celestia (as much as we're now used to it), she was uncomfortable to say the least. We rushed through it, burning out her life force of the Spiral. Looking back on it, I wish I had convinced her to prepare more in the Live realm rather than test it out. She might have stayed for a bit longer, then.

We made guides for people and the like. But part of me feels that her loss from the Spiral wasn't my fault. It was Celestia that helped, and for that I very much dislike it. I feel like that's what's stopping me from leveling Patrick. So by the time we had gotten through Celestia on the test Realm, she didn't want to do it again on the Live realm. It's way too grindy, I agree, but I feel like it's only because KingsIsle wanted to make it a long world. They wanted to keep us busy. But it would also get very repetitive, and after every time I go through my W101 soul feels weaker.

So, eventually, she stopped playing Wizard101. She stopped logging in as much. She stopped logging on to Skype. I got my iPhone, and they couldn't recover her cell number off my old phone. So now the only time I can see her is when I log on to my IRL Facebook, which I'm constantly deactivating because, well, I hate Facebook (by the way, if you've been trying to add me on Facebook, me being Luke GoldHorn and not my IRL profile, it's probably piled up with all my other requests. I check that Facebook maybe once every three or four months). But the thing is, our friendship goes beyond Wizard101. It's much more than that. We don't have much in common; I like in the country, she lives in the city; I'm a boy, she's a girl; she like Life School, I like Fire. But my point is, even if you have an infanite amount of differences with someone, one thing that you both like can bring you into a beautiful friendship that blossoms like an amazing spring flower that's colorful and bright.

Ok, so enough of that. I just felt like it should be shared with you guys. Yesterday, I finished up Jotungaard with Cassandra GriffinDreamer (more on that tomorrow), so it just reminded me of Paige. She may be coming back; I'm trying to convince her. But I just wanted to write a post dedicated to her.

In other news, as I stated, I finished WinterTusk! I really want to get into the Live Realm now and wipe out GrizzleHiem on my alternate characters so they're ready and set. I'll post my opinions on WinterTusk tomorrow and strategies on how to beat the dungeon tomorrow; the four final bosses (the sons of Ymir) cheat, and I have to say that I was quite impressed! I also saw Icywiz's banhammer in there! IT WAS HUGE! I also got my level 58 pet and my blogaversary is coming up this week!

So I gotta get going. I'll see you,


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  1. Aww! :) This is such a sweet post!!!! I hope you get her to come back into the Spiral :)