Sunday, April 3, 2011


Hey Gang!!!!
So remember how I told you that I emailed Greyrose about hosting a contest?!?! Well, she sent me 15 codes for this baby!!!

WOW! Look at that beauty! Greyrose said that this will be one of the new hybrids for the level 58 pets (the name of the hybrid is called a Storm Angel), but she wouldn't leak what two pets you need to mix in order to get it. What I mean is, it's pretty obvious that this is a mix of the Storm and Ice level 58 pets, but what exactly are the pets? Does this mean that the Ice 58 pet is going to be a Snow Angel? Or will only the offspring of the level 58 pet be a Storm Angel?

But the other great thing about this pet?! Greyrose said it comes with a card (Storm Angel) that does 120 inital damage, 526 damage over time (3 rounds), and +25% Storm Damage bubble! W00t! Looks like this will be a must-get pet for Storm wizards!!!

But I mean; just think about that. The bubble goes up, and actually increases the power of your damage over time spell, so you're really going to do more than 526 over all, which is amazing. And the fact that it's a DoT as well just makes this an excellent PvP pet!

I'll have the contest up soon; not exactly sure what I'm going to do yet! Hope everyone's excited!


P.S: Don't forget to check out all the awesome mount contests, especially for DoaW!

P.P.S: For people that are thinking about posting on Central, please wait. I would like the credit of posting it, so it will be up in a few hours.

P.P.S: APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Sorry; I didn't get to blog Friday or yesterday; Happy April Fools day! :) ).


  1. i was about to post this on central lol, but saw your P.P.S. lol so i wait cause it is your credit.

  2. I really didn't fall for it at all, sorry Luke i just knew it was fake because some random dude did the same prank with the judgement pet.