Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mycin Waz Her

Hey Peeps,

It's Mycin Stargem yo! If Luke's never said nothin bout me, I'm his cousin! Yeah so um ... Luke says yo and can't be here ... says he's a bit "tied down". Huh ... wonder who done that? ;)

Anywho, Luke says he's wantin me to post fo him yo, cause he's "devoted" (ew, what does that even mean yo?) to his balrog or somethin. I dunno, I couldnt relly here him over da iWand ... it was all staticy and stuff...

Now b4 I get to the slimy, lemme just tell ya a bit about me 4 those of ya who don't know about me. I mean, not that no one does no me, but hey, there might be a few dorks out there 2night, am I write?

I'ms a Storm Wizard. I's always ben rel popular. Always. Dudes are always flockin towards me and they be all, "Yo! DUDE! It's Mycin breh!" and I be all, "Ok ok, calm yo self! I'll sign yo hats on by one!" Imma major PvP star, yo. I like pwnin peoples in that arena, yo! I also crafts stuff. I gots myself a nice lil observatory. Was hard to make, but hey, I got the job don.

So Luke sent meh a wizmail with a pretyped post for ya! Her it is!:

"Blog Title: New Banquet Hall?

Hey Gang,

Sorry I couldn't be here to post today! I walked into my Massive Fantasy Palace to find a trap on my rug! I'm all tied up and trying to unknot myself (I talked to Mycin StarGem, my cousin about it ... he says he's seen something like it before? He said it's kinda like a Chinese Finger Trap, where the person in it has to get out of it themselves due to an enchantment on the rope). But don't fear! I have Mycin on the case of posting, so he should have this post up today!

Today I really want to talk to you about FireGlobe Theater in Firecat Alley (that place where you face off with Alicane SwiftArrow and where you will find the History of Fire Book). FireGlobe Theater is a reference to Shakespeare's Globe Theater, and while with Oran, I was thinking of the huge potential of this place!

Think about this: Imagine if this place was turned into a Banquet Hall! Sure, you'd still face Alicane SwiftArrow here, but what if they turned this old building in the Shopping District...:

... into a Banquet Hall Rental Store? WOuldn't you like to rent out places like the FireGlobe Theater in Wizard City, Barkingham Palace in MarleyBone, the MarleyBone Submarine in Celestia, the Jade Palace in Mooshu, or that secret island with the single pyramid on it in Krok? I personally think this would be a great idea for KingsIsle to consider! It would add a whole new facet to parties in-game.

What would one do at these parties, a curious reader might be wondering; what exactly would you do at the party. Well there are tons of ideas that I have, particularly for the FireGlobe Theater:

1. Perform a Play
2. (Kinda like 1) Play minigame.
3. Dancing Contest minigame.
4. Pet Talent Show minigame.
5. Set Design minigame.
6. PvP or PvE, where you could select the enemy you fight (including bosses from around the Spiral).
7. Identifying Constellation/ Creating Constellation minigame.

So as you can see, there would be a lot of activities to do at the FireGlobe Theater. I've asked Mycin to go in and take some screen shots for the blog, so he should provoide you with some visuals.

Another curious reader might ask, "How would one go about reserving a FireGlobe Banquet Hall?" Well, first you'd have to put down a deposit for the date and time of the party. The deposit would probably be around 50,000-75,000 gold. THEN, you would pay an additional 25,000-50,000 gold to rent the place for an hour. That brings you up to 100,000 gold. 150,000 would buy you two hours, and 195,000 would buy you 5 hours. You could also choose to pay in Crowns. If you pay with Crowns, a deposit is not required. 100 Crowns buys you an hour, 200 buys you 2, and 300 buys you 5. Also, if you have a membership, the price would be reduced as a perk (probably by 10-20%).

That also opens up a whole new ray of questions, such as, "How would one attend the party," "How many people would the banquet hold," and, "Would there be a way to invite people that aren't on your friend list?" I thought about this for a while, and decided that it would probably work best if it worked auction-house style. First, one could send out invitations to people on their friends list. The friend would then get a gift icon with a party invitation inside (maybe you would be able to customize your own invitation?!). My guess is, the banquet hall couldn't hold more than 100-150 wizards, so it would be a thing to rent for a small get-together.

Also, when you are choosing the time and date for your party, you would get two privacy options. One would be, "Let uninvited wizards teleport into the party?" and the other would be, "Show this party on the Party List?" (more on the party list later). You would be able to adjust these settings as you wish. My last idea for this possible new feature is the Party List. If you're bored and you don't have anything else to do, you COULD attend a party! When you go to the Scheduler, there would be two tabs; a "Rent a Hall" tab and a "Party List" section. The parties on the Party List are parties that the hosts don't really care if you, a random stranger, attends. Remember, there is a setting that makes your party not shown on the Party List.

I gotta get going! This knot is getting really annoying! If you have any questions, just leave a comment below! Wish me luck!


Well, thats all hes got 4 2day. Her r the pics he axed me 2 take:

ight, dats all I got. C ya peeps,

Mycin StarGem, Most Awesome Person in Da World

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