Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Troubles With the Blog

Hey Gang,

So I've been having a bit of trouble yesterday. I expected the site would be up much much sooner than it's actually going to take. First, if you're experiencing any difficulties with any of my widgets such as my followers list (like you care about my followers? Haha :) ) or my blogroll, it's not your computer or your web browser's fault. This is due to the fact that my site is undergoing the process of turning into its own site. Blogger says that it should be fixed in any time frame from one day to three days, so please bear with me.

Also, as just mentioned above, it is going to take one to three days for the url to become http://www.thepyromancersdigest.com/ instead of http://www.thepyromancersdigest.blogspot.com/. So keep going to the .blogspot one for now (you'll notice, when the site is up, even if you type in the .blogspot it will direct you to the regular website). I have also decided to wait on sending the letter to community@wizard101.com until the url is up and all the bugs and glitchs are hunted down and exterminated. So I will be sure to update you on that as well.

On other unrelated news to my blog Gilroy SkullFlame achieved level 60 last night! W00t! I've been kinda reluctant on starting Patrick FrostHorn, my final wizard to level from 50-60. On one hand, I'd like to get all of the questing done and over with (and also to get Ra; I loved that spell in the Test Realm! :D ), but on another hand questing really drains my morale. I might try to find a balance in training and hatching a fierce hound (which soon might turn into a defender pig) for my Myth Character. I'd really like him to get into PvP, and he is currently looking for a team, so let me know if you may be interested in PvP.

In Spiral news, KingsIsle has realsed more word of WinterTusk as well as some pictures of the new landscape. I will have those up in my next post, which will either be tonight or very early tomorrow.

A word on the landscape; I love it. The snow on the trees looks abesoultly fabulous! It makes for a very enchanting scene. It kinda reminds me of the forest area in Grizzlehiem mixed with the Coven area. I can't wait to explore it! I'll probably only be doing WinterTusk on Luke though, as he's the only wizar I have who has fully completed GrizzleHiem.

They've also confirmed some new things; the level cap will not be raise, this will be a side world (world not pertaining to the story arc), and you will need to have completed GrizzleHiem to gain access. That kinda bummed me out, but I can't wait to try it none the less!

Ok, I gotta get going; I need to do some maitence on the blog. The header should be updated within the next day to show Gilroy's new level and clothing! Don't forget to check out the awesome Mount Contests, especially the one at DoaW! See ya!


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