Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Necklaces and Purchasing Problems

Hey Gang,

So there was some maintence early this morning going on in the Spiral! KingsIsle has released the new necklaces (you know, the ones that let you use power pips for Schools that aren't your primary School?) to the live realm. They also released a bunny suit and the mini game kiosks that were in the test realm (these items used to only be obtainable via the $40 Gift Card or the Auction House if someone sold their one from the $40 card). KingsIsle also said that the maintainence was the last of their sessions were they were upgrading their software. Does anyone remember the last time we saw a message similar to this? About a month before Celestia went to the Test Realm, KingsIsle made similar regular maintences, saying that they were "upgrading the system," which is true. However, if this is the usual pattern for releasing a new world/ new content, I'd say that WinterTusk will be here by late May/ Early June. Yay! New content!

Also, I wanted to bring something to the attention of people recently buying Crowns or a Membership. Anyone using American Express Gift Cards (and possibly Credit Cards, I'm not sure) to purchase Crowns (or a Membership, again I'm not sure if it matters) will find difficulty purchasing the item. This is a temporary glitch, as I was informed by KingsIsle, and should be resolved shortly.

How do I know such a thing is occuring? Well, I have bought 2 $25 American Express Gift Cards within the past two weeks (as that is how I pay for things like Crowns and my URL). I've been trying to purchase the Crowns, and it just hasn't been working. I've called American Express and complained multiple times, but it wasn't until later that I realized that it wasn't quite their fault with what's been going on. If I made my payment for my URL with one, then it must be the Wizard101 site that's having problems. So I sent a ticket in to KingsIsle about it, and they are currently working on the issue. Supposedly there are other wizards who have been having this problem as well, so if you are one of those wizards, please let KingsIsle know! It will help everyone!

In other news, Wizard101 Central's Video of the week is up! I actually really like these videos, and I'm really looking forward to watching it when I get home.

There is no gaming news from me today, as I couldn't play much last night due to an ill-wanted meeting that i had to attend with a troll. Basically I had to go to a meeting with my sister and my mom about a college and let's just say that it wasn't too happy for me because there was someone that I didn't like at the meeting. I did the right thing though, and while it may be hard sometimes, it just goes to show that the best weapon you have is your conscience.

So look for some news tomorrow about Patrick! And who knows; maybe there will be some Spiral news for us! See ya later,


**EDIT: The Amex (American Express) Gift Card bug will not happen to everyone; some people may have no problems with it.**

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