Monday, April 18, 2011

New Beginnings!

Hey Everyone,

So the formatting of this post will be all dishovled until later today. For some reason, my school computers don't like to format my blog my way. But hey, I'm not at Burger King, so what do I expect, right? So if you're checking this post out before 4:00 P.M, please come back and check the post out when it has pictures and when it actually makes sense!

So there's something about the Spring season that makes me want to level some baby Wizards. I don't really know what it is ... but there always seems to be something in the air that makes me want to go back to Wizard City and explore the fun and excitement of being a new wizard. So, while I have Patirck to level on the side, I'll be leveling my new Life Wizard, Oran FoeHammer! Oran will be my 8th GrandMaster/ Legendary (well, that is, if Patrick levels to Legendary before him. Now wouldn't that be just darn strange if he dinged Legendary before Patrick?).

What I plan to do is level Oran out of Wizard City by this Wednesday, which should happen, or almost happen. Oran is level 9 (or 8; I can't remember), and he has the quests for Romulus, Eyus Maximus, and the Harvest Lord (when Oran finishes all the quests on the Three Streets with the exception of the boss fights, I will complete them all at once; well, one at a time ...). So I should, at the very least, be in Colossus Blvd. by Wednesday. My ultimate goal is to be in Krokotopia by Easter. Why?

Well, Oran will be teaming up from there with a very good friend of mine, Arlen DawnEyes from The Two Headed Wizard! So from there, we'll be leveling some alts together. I'm really excited to be teaming up with him! It should be a blast, and very intresting as to how it affects our blogs. Once we get to Celestia (oh gosh, who knows when that will be), Patrick will join up with Oran and the gang, and I'll level them both at the same time! Pure genious, no?

So I'm really looking forward to that. I also have a word on laziness. Remember that post I had about how those new pets in the video, and how they may not be school specific pets that had evidnce that wasn't completely solid? Well, I posted a thread on Central to present my evidence. Let me tell you; big mistake.

First, I have people telling me I photoshopped these pictures. For those of you under a rock that think I photoshopped this, please go check out KingsIsle Youtube page. That's just insanity right there.

I also have people saying that KingsIsle has the power to equip any item on any wizard and/or the ability to change their school with a simple command (a wizard that can change schools). When I ask them to post crediable evidence, they tell me to look for it. I'm sorry, but the last time I checked, when in a debate with someone, you don't look for your opponent's evidence. If you have an opposing view but refuse to support it, then your point is null and void until proven. If someone happens to have a valid source that claims that KingsIsle has the power to change their school with a simple command or if KingsIsle has the ability to wear anything on any wizard, please state so in the comments with a valid sitation. I just don't want to assume things; that's all.

That's pretty much all I have for today. I'll see you guys soon!