Thursday, April 28, 2011

Finally Moving On To WinterTusk

Hey Gang,

So yesterday I actually didn't have to reformat the blog, so I'm hoping today stays the same way. Anyway, let's move on:

Now before I get into my opinions of the new updates, I just kinda want to talk abhout some news. My blogaversary is coming up soon (May 4th I think)! Am I doing anything for it? I might see if I can get a contest going, but with the new update coming out and with lack of support from KingsIsle for hosting, I don't think I'd be able to get out some prizes. I need all the crowns I can at the moment; I have to accounts to buy WinterTusk and Crab Alley on. On the brighter side of things, my AmEx card started working, so I bought 5,000 crowns last night, highering my Crowns number to a little under 12,000 Crowns. This however changed to a little under 10,000 Crowns because I had to buy Mirkholm Keep on Valdus. I'll have enough for a $25 order of Crowns soon though, so I should be able to buy all the new updates.

I've also been preparing for WinterTusk in the Live Realm. Last night, I started GrizzleHiem on Valdus and Noah, and I'm glad to report that I got them all the way to Helgrind Warren, or Jotun. For those of you that don't know what Jotun or Helgrind Warren is, it's a dungeon with a pretty tough boss (the boss being Jotun). The dungeon's very interesting; I remember going through it on Luke. It's sorta like a maze, if I recall. So I hope to have them finished GrizzleHiem by tonight, as the last real area they have left is RavenScar (even though this area is pretty long). My other characters are pretty far into GrizzleHiem as well; Patrick and Mycin are both in Mirkholm Keep (Patrick being more towards the end; Mycin only just started), Gilroy in the middle of Savarstaad Pass (he is leveling with Ben FrogStone's alt, Brittany) , and Diana who hasn't even started GrizzleHiem yet. When Valdus and Noah are finished, I'll probably get Mycin through, and I'll work on Gilroy when Ben's available for playing.

Other ways I've been preparing for WinterTusk is collecting reagents, such as Lilly Pads, Cat Tails, Frost Flowers, Grendel Weed, Ore, Diamonds, and other such things. The reason for this is because of the new gear coming out with WitnerTusk. There's a lot of great gear coming out for Legendary Wizards that you can craft, so I'd like to get that. They require a ton of LillyPads, so as I said, I'm collecting them :). I'm collecting Grendel Weed for Oran, as I want him to craft the GrizzleHiem house, which also requires a lot of Lilly Pads and Grendel Weed. But Oran is being put off in honor of WinterTusk and preparing for it.

In the Test Realm, my Phoenix pet hatched! I was very excited to get to training it, and it got some pretty awesome talents. The talents it manifested are FireBlade, Fire-Giver, Pip O' Plenty, and something else I can't quite remember. xD I submitted the info to the Petnome Project, so if you'd like to check it out there, it should be updated soon. When it got to Ancient, I hatched with Paige MoonShade's Judgement pet. She got a Radiant Egg (not school specific) that gave the new Judgement card, and I got something really odd. I got a Radiant Egg too (also not school specific) that gave the new Ice Wyvern card. It should have hatched by the time I get home, so I can't wait to check that out and update you guys on what I get.

Ok, so it seems I spent a lot of my time rambling to you about my personal news, leaving you about 20 minutes of my time to write about WinterTusk. I'll try to write as swiftly as I can:

1. Level 58 Pets: I've discussed this new feature with many members of the community. I feel almost that our wizards are ... devolving, so to speak. We're getting weaker spells that, honestly, are "half-new" as I like to call them, meaning that they're just an old spell revisited and revised. If I had to pick a favorite cosmetically, it'd be the Phoenix; it's just so cute! If I had to pick a favorite for it's stats, I'd pick the Judgement Pet; that thing gives some awesome talents! If I had to pick a favortie based on the card, it'd definitely be the Forest Lord. So, I guess what I'm saying is, if I mixed a Judgement with a Forest Lord and stole Homework in a Graveyard's idea of stitching pets (that was very funny actually; at the very moment I thought of stitching pets, HiaG had already posted the idea xD) to apply it to stitching the Forest Lord to the Phoenix, I'd be a happy panda. I really feel though that they should have been stronger; cosmetically, statistically, and car-wise.

2. New Spells: Again, I feel like we're devolving. KingsIsle is pulling a "Pokemon" as I like to say (sorry to all you pokemon fans, but what I am about to state is a fact). They're looking at old spells and saying, "How can we reamp this?", which is cool, don't get me wrong. But they're doing it with all the wrong spells. Honestly, the only new spells I like are Fuel (in fact, this seems to be the newest concept out of all the new spells, and even still it's kinda a used idea; putting three traps on an enemy), Legion, [Insert name of the new level 35 storm spell], and Insane Bolt. All the others I think are just not worth using. I never liked Link, I don't like Link, and I never will like Link; making it more powerful wont help. My advice: try again. We should be getting NEW powerful spells, not already used spells trying to be new. Again, good idea, but not so cool when in effect.

3. Crab Alley/ Water Works: I haven't gotten to try this yet. I'm waiting until the Live Realm to play this area, so I can't really give any opinon on it. I hear it's very cool though!

4. WinterTusk: I am very impressed with what KingsIsle has done with this new zone! The landscape is absolutely gorgeous, and the quest line was very intriguing. There are, in fact, TWO new cinematic cutscenes added to the game!: One being when you free GrandMother Raven from her prison, and Two being when you meet Ymir, the FrostGiant Titan of olde in the last dungeon of WinterTusk. GREAT JOB ON THIS PART KINGSISLE! As I said, the world is visually appealing, and the gear drops are great! I'm actually not sure what I think of the new gear that drops; all gear or almost all new gear now gives universal resist and a card. I though it was also kinda odd as to why they took out universal critical rating on gear; I figure it's to create a sort of balance for the Mastery Amulets. This gear sells great though, and I'm happy about that. I'm also hearing that people plan to do WinterTusk before Celestia due to the huge amounts of experience you get out of it. Well, I would stick by Celestia first, as it is a main world, and if you don't get Celestia done, you wont have access to the next new world!

I might add to this later in the day . See ya! Gotta go (and Melissa says bye xD)


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