Thursday, April 14, 2011

You Don't "Need", You "Want"

Hey Gang,

So I was on Twitter, when Teddy Freddy (pseudonymous name, yes) says, "I need tweets; I'm just going to post random numbers to get them!" These were his following tweets:











The list goes on (I think). While he did apologize later, he was spamming. If he was doing this in-game, he could get banned for spamming. And besides, no one needs "Tweets".

In fact, that leads to a whole other discussion. I hate it when people say they need "tweets" or even the occasional "I need posts." No, you don't NEED posts or tweets or status updates or anything! You WANT more of these things, but you do not NEED these things. People who have been blogging, who have been on twitter, and who have been on FaceBook have gained their updates. Tremendous amounts of tweets and posts and status updates. They've earned them by posting interesting stuff and for being there simply longer than you may have been. Those updates were meaningful, not spam.

How would you feel if me and every other blogger said, "Huh, I kinda need some posts to catch up to Friendly ... today's post will be me posting random digits to catch up.
















It's not cool.

Anyway, if you didn't know that spamming was wrong, let me give you your lesson before you get yourself into a sticky situation. Spamming is wrong. It annoys people to no ends. Especially people like me. It can in fact get you banned in most games including Wizard101 (or at least get you muted). Many people will automatically unfollow you if you spam on Twitter or Blogger. Many people will unfriend you if you spam on Facebook. It's bad. Don't do it.

Sorry to be on such a bad note today. I just thought people should know not to spam. Basically, you should only be involved in the Wizarding Social Network if you want to have fun, not to say that you have more followers or updates or tweets or posts or whatever it may be.

Again, sorry for such a negative Nancy today. Hope your day is amazing!



  1. Although spamming is indeed annoying, and will get you on the 'unfollow' list it will not get you banned or muted from Wizard101. I can only see them suspending you from the Official Wizard101 forums for spamming.

    From the Wizard101 website:
    "“Spamming” (Although the Terms of Use mention spamming, it’s related to email/web posts. Yeah, it’s annoying in game and never of profound statement. Refer to “Being Rude”).

    “Being rude” (We’re sorry, we can’t enforce good manners. Use the ignore button liberally &/or change realms. It’s wholly up to you to choose to stay around someone that’s not nice to you.) "

  2. @Angel Winterbreeze:

    Are you positive spamming is considered "Rude manners"? I know for a fact that other games that are rated higher than W101 ban for spamming, so I couldn't imagine W101 putting up with spamming, especially since there's the whole, "kid-friendly" atmosphere going on.

  3. Idk if I agree or not. I mean somtimes spamming is fun. This is from a skype wizard by the way. Luke knows. And sometimes on skype we will spam each other for fun. But just for fun on Twitter or actually in game is wrong.

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