Thursday, November 18, 2010

Winners and Vacation

Hey Everyone!

So here are the winners of the contest!:

1st Prize (Any item 7,500 crowns or less): Alura HaexCaster! Congrats to Alura!

2nd Prize ($10 GameStop giftcard): Jared LightFlame! Congrats to Jared! (This prize has been delivered)

3rd Prize (Wizardblox code from a score of 312,000 points!): Sloan ShadowStaff! Congrats to Sloan! (This prize has been delivered).

So you can see that all of the prizes have been delivered with the exception of Alura (I have emailed her, but she is not responding. I might try a Direct Message on Twitter). So yeah, grats to all the winners! ^_^

Also, I kinda wanted to let you kn0w that I'll will be going on break through the next few months, meaning that I wont be posting much (maybe around 3 times a week?). The holidays get really busy for me, so I wont have much time for play.

Also, I mean, I'm so sad to say, but I've been getting bored with Wizard101. Maybe its just because Valdus and Noah aren't really that exciting to roll. /shrug. I have to defeat palm tree dudes in the Floating Lands. So yeah, wont be playing much either. :/

Anyway, I gotta jet. Thanks for reading!


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