Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Gardening From My Point of View

Hey Everyone,

So, if you haven't heard me talking about it already (or anyone else for that matter), the Test Realm was open yesterday, and the new feature was planting and gardening (pretty cool that it came into test the day I was talking about it ;D). Before I start ranting, I want to try to help out those who don't understand what it's all about.

Now, when you get your gardening spell, you have two options:

1. Use a planter to grow your plant. This is for if you don't have a castle, or if you want to have a plant inside your home.

2. Use the spell the opens up new soil in the ground and plant your seed there. I love the plow for that, by th way! :D

Anywho, from there, you use gardening spells such as giving your plant sun light, water, music, magic, and pollination to help it grow. The higher rank the spell, the more it will help, however, it will also cost more pet energy.

Your plant, when it is a seedling, will go through about 4-5 bars of exp. it will then to into a young plant, more exp, adult plant, more exp, elder plant. If you don't take care of your plant, it will wilt and die. By getting a plant to adult or even of elder age, you get rewards (more/better rewards for elder age plants).

Now that I've explained everything, I'll put my spin on this. I really like this implement. It's super awesome. This is kinda like what I had in mind for my Manor idea. I do have a problem with it costing pet energy though. And, by making this a totally different form of energy, it could help KingsIsle in the long run. For example, if I wear the BestMaster set (which I bought in the Test Realm), I get more energy, thus am able to train pets/ garden a bit more. However, they could come up with a farmer outfit, giving gardening energy. Then, people could spend crowns buying both the BeastMaster set AND, I don't know, the WeedTamer set?

Also, I think they should come up with packs called Mega Garden Spell Packs. They have something like this already, but it's not exactly what I had in mind. The spells that they currently have in the current pack give spells that effect all your plants. I'm looking for something that will speed up the time it takes to actually grow the plant.

Anywho, I sent in an email to KingsIsle about my idea about the manors and everything, so I'm gladly waiting for their opinion. I also gave them an idea for what the Transylvania world would be about:

After conquering Celestia and discovering the secrets of its magic, Morganthe goes to Draculania (or another name for the world; you ge the picture) in hopes of finding allies to help her destroy the Spiral. On this plant, there are three forms of inhabitants; the vampires (lead by dracula), the werew0lves (Leader = ?), and the swamp monsters (Leader = godzilla?). She goes to each group and tries to persuade them to join her, however, none of the three groups accept her offer.

So, she uses the Astral Magic she learned of in Celestia to turn the groups even more agaisnt each other in hopes of one of the groups to come to her and join her forces. She does this via werewolf, vampire, and swamp monster polymorphs, certain auras, and accuracy spells from the sun school in her lies. Our job is to try and stop her by going to each of the three sections of the worlds and trying to make peace among the three inhabitants.

After she fails, she goes back to her home world to build her armor (the spide/bug world). Heck, you could even say that one of the groups from Draculania joins her army. That'd be pretty cool. I've gotten a lot of comments saying this sounds a lot like Grizzlehiem. Well, GH is a side world, and I think this would be cool to add to as a main world. I've also been thinking about a Native American world as well. Maybe they could be related to the Water Moles in some way?

So yeah, also, with the Feudal System and farming, I still think the idea of sigil based housing items would be pretty cool, and an alternate way to farm.

Well, that's pretty much all I've got for today! I'll see you in the Spiral!


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  1. hey P.D. i like the Translvanian world idea, though these vampires would have to be like actual vampires corny edwards need not apply. also change werewolf to lycans it sounds better. i am going to go farm now :P i bet you dont know what kind of farming though lol.