Monday, November 29, 2010

The New Temporal Schools

Hey Everyone,

So, I've been doing two things on Valdus and Noah. I've been both farming for thier Level 58 gear, as well as just trying to get them up to level 60! Valdus is almost there, and he needs to do a run with Noah through the Lunarium to finally become a Legendary Thaumaturge (so if anyone wants to come along, I have two spots open, and I'll be running it around 4:15 P.M. EST). Valdus also got his robe, his boots, and his athame yesterday, and now has his full look developed! He is wearing the sawshbuckler hat, as with his old look, with Centurian Armor and Archealogist Boots. I seem to really like this look; I have no idea why. It looks epic though!

Noah, on the other hand, isn't turning out so well. He is only about half way to becoming a Legendary Conjurer, and he has not recieved one piece of his Legendary Gear. Yeah, he still has a long way to come along, but hey, he's getting there, and I'm not complaining. /shrug.

So yeah, I wanted to talk to you today about the Temporal Schools of Magic. Now, when I was new to blogging, I refused to even phathom about these schools, because the idea of adding new schools seemed so impossible about a year ago. But now, with the release of the Astral School, it gets one to wonder; If we have Space Magic, will we also learn Time Magic? Everyone knows space and time fit together. Will this be a whole new school we will see in the future?

I got on this topic because of Wolf IceHunter, one of my best friends in real life who got me into W101. We have these famous Wizard101 talks while I am walking Puppymancer and while he is walking Puppymancer's gal (Yeah, that's right, Puppymancer has a wife ;-) ). Yesterday we got talking about the Temporal Schools. You know, Wolf kinda reminds me of Sako from iCarly. I'm like Spencer, constantly talking about this dude Sako, who you never really see, but you know about him. Hehe, I shall now refer to Wolf IceHunter as: Sako ;P (He tells me that once he progresses further into the game, he might try to actually join the community, so that's awesome :) ).

Anywho, how would this wghole new triangle of Magic work? Well, and this seems pretty obvious, there would be three new schools: Past Magic, or Paradoxical Magic; Present Magic, ___________ or ; and Future Magic, or ________ (Maybe you could fill in those blanks for me, readers? ;P). Past Magic would focus on things like bringing certain cards and spell back, like maybe drawing 5 cards back from your discard pile, or maybe, if your opponet used Earthquake or some other type of disarming spell, a spell to bring back your traps and/or wards. Present Magic would focus on different stuns, dispells, mana regeneratiuon spells, and shields. Like, how about an Elemental Dispell card? (Dispells Fire, Ice, and Storm Magic). Future Magic would focus on spells that would let you see your opponets cards so you could defend against them, or maybe a spell that lets you see their whole hand for a certain amount of time (which maybe you could extend to having the ability to discard x amount of cards).

I don't know, Past (I like the name Paradoxical Magic ;P) and Future Magic sound awesome to me, but Present Magic needs some work. Maybe Present Magic could remove auras and globals, since there are currently no spell that can do such a thing? Who knows!

So yeah, tell me what you think. Also, the second Ambrose 2 Zeke episode is out and available for listening! (Shout out to John SpiritShade :3 ) So yeah, I released my segment a little too early last time, so I'm going to try to keep up with the dates so I can post the segments closer to the release date. My 3rd Segment is about my idea of Draculania, and it's ten minutes long! xD the original segment, which talked about teh Feudal System, Draculania, and gradening took 30 minutes! So yeah, the world of Draculania is being split into two parts.

My 5th segment ( 4th is the second part to Draculania) will be about the Temporal Schools, so look out for that if you're interested in this idea!

I have to go, so I'll see ya in the Spiral!


P.S: Remember to let me know if you'd like to help me run the Lunarium! Hint Hint Alric Ravensinger ;P


  1. Maybe for Present magic you could Dispel Polymorph and Dispel Aura, maybe that's something we need :). Dispel Elemental sounds like a Balance spell. Anyways for the Dispel Polymorph and Aura I don't think it should be like the reagular dispels we already have. I was thinking it would be like Cleanse Charm and Pierce. To get rid of the Polymorph and Aura currently on the opponent. Awesome ideas about the Temporal schools. Also for Future spells we could have a Reflection shield or mirror, to explain further the shield will stay for 3 turns and any attack the opponent deals to us half the damage taken will be dealth to the opponent....
    ? Idk :P

  2. I wonder would it be cool to have like a see your aponnents moves for like 5 rounds or something for future I like that idea

  3. Hahaha any chance to help out my pyromancer bro Luke sounds like a good time to me! Keep being awesome bro ;D