Monday, November 22, 2010

Master Artisan and Manor Idea (Also Thanksgiving Idea)

Hey Everyone,

So, I have a lot to get through today. As I've been saying, I'm sorry for the lack posts, I promise I will post more as soon as the holidays end. So, let's get started!

1. Thanksgiving Letters- This is a little idea that I've thought up and that I'm going to do myself (be warned there is a lot of writing that must be done). Write letters to whoever is important to you on Thanksgiving saying why you are thankful to have them and what traits you like the best about them. It could be anyone; your parents, your grandparents, your cousins, everyone, or even just a slect group, such as the adults of the family or the kids. I have to write 8. O. O I think writers will like this idea a lot. Just a little something that you could do to show that you care for your family! :)

2. Master Artisan- That's right folks, Mycin StarGem, my Storm wizard, officaly gained the rank of Master Artisan! W00t! congrats to Mycin! He is now trying to build the Watchtower Hall, as well as working on the GrandMaster Artisan quest! I must say, I really hate Blood Moss, and I want to thank Alura HexCaster for helping me get all the Blood Moss I needed as well as Fallon MoonGem and Scarlet MoonFlower for helping me with spawn-points for red mandrake! I also want to thank Wolf IceHunter for getting me crafting in the first place! :D

3. Feudal System- A world I really want to see is a Transylvania (spell check?) world. Here, we'd meet famous monsters like werewolves (new Death/Moon spell?), vampires (Dracula!), and other creatures of the night. Point aside, I'd like to talk about housing for this world. I want KingsIsle to go beyond the regular cottage/mansion idea. And for my idea, this would be the perfect world to install this addition!

So, who here has heard of a feudal system? For those that don't know, a feudal system, otherwise known as a feef or a manor, is basically a huge piece of land with an amazingly big castle. There are other elements, but I want to work from the basics, and go up from there.

So, in essence, how big would this piece of land be? It would probably be two MFPs (Mega Fantasy Palaces) combine. Yep, that big. The castle would be about two insides of the MFPs combined as well (well, maybe not that same structre, but you get what I mean; space wise). It would probably have mulitple bedrooms, a dining hall, a ball room, a kitchen, etc. And you would own all of this.

How much would this cost? 250,000 gold (I'm not sure if the cap is lower than that right now, I think it is, but the cap would have to be raised). Yeah, thats a lot. Is it worth it? If KingsIsle built in what I am about to tell you, it definitely is.

Ok, lets visit another element of the Manor. Now that you know how big this piece of land is, I am going to devise it into three sections. One section we already know; that is the lord's (owner's) castle. We are now going to visit the 2nd part, which I think is one of the most unique features of this castle.

This second section would be something like a neighborhood. In feudal lands, way back in the middle ages, people would stay on a lord's manor. Well, wizards could stay on another wizards manor (sorry if I'm not doing a good job at explaining this. I understand this concept is strange, but please, bear with me). The house they could live in would be about the size of a Wooded Cottage (smallest house in WC), and you would be able to have upi to 20 of these houses in your "neighborhood".

So, would you have to pay anything if you lived on another wizard's manor? Theoretically, yes. I think here is where people start getting confused and not liking this idea much. You would have to pay your lord a "monthly" fee. Now, this monthly fee can be payed several ways:

1. Straight-Up Gold: This would probably be the least benefical way to pay your lord (you will see why). The payment would probably be around 1,000 gold a month. Now, notice, its not that expensive. Some wizards might chose this way because there is less work involved. However, as I am about to tell you, there are other ways to pay your lord that could benefit you in the long run.

2. Reagents: You could pay your lord in materials or reagents. This would be more benefical to you because the extra reagents you found you could keep. This also could go the same way with pet snacks. How would the payment be settled? Probably depending on the rank. I could turn in 100 rank 1 pet snacks or reagents, or I could turn in 10 rank 4 or 5 pet snacks or reagents. There's a ton of decision :).

So, why would I want to stay on someone's Manor if I could have my own house? This is where the 3rd part of the land comes in, and thats farming land. Here, you could place housing items such as Ore mines, Corn fields, Forges, etc. They would have sigils, and you go in and collect the piles of reagents/pet snacks that await.

So, say I had an Ore mine. Once every 12 or 24 hours, I could go in and get all the ore that awaits in the Ore mine. Now, I have the ore to pay my lord, and even when I have enough to pay, I could keep going in to get some for myself. Cool, right?

How would you pay your lord? There would be a box (probably in the dining room) that you could interact with. You chose the form of payment, and you drop your stuff in!

Now, these are just the basics. More could go into this. Like raiding, neighborhoods of manors, etc. I gotta go, so maybe I'll do another post on this soon. See ya!



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