Monday, November 15, 2010

Contest Ends Today!!

Hey Everyone,

So, I'll be posting another two or three times today to let you know when the contest actually is closing and the winners of the raffle (I'm going to have to play an awesome WizardBlox game when I get hom ;D ). I am getting a $25 order of crowns today, so I will have the crowns to gift the item/mount/gear/etc. The $10 gift card, however, I wont have tonight, so sorry 2nd prize winner :(. I might have it this week, I might have it next week. I don't know, depends on how much lunch money my mom decides to give me.

So yeah, I'm uber excited to see who wins the raffle! ^_^ If you haven't entered, make sure to enter HERE! WEEEEEE! CLICK ME IF YOU WANT SUPER AWESOME PRIZES!!!!

On a side note, I'm sorry once again for my left duties on my blog. I'm going to use the same excuse I use every time; I'm really busy. I've got Noah and Valdus in the Floating Lands, Mycin wanting to craft, not to mention IRL stuff. I hope to improve my blog a lot! :D

Anyways, so for English I had to write a Native American Myth, because, well, we're learning about Native American Myths! I must say, they are super awesome. Did you know Bartelby comes from Native American Myth? Yep yep! There's this big giant tree in the center of the universe in the sky world, which was the main domain of the gods. Kinda like how Bartelby is in the center of the Spiral and is in Wizard City, which is the main domain of student wizards, huh? I thought that was pretty cool.

Coming back to the original topic, we had to write a myth that contained as many traits of Native American Myths as possible. Mine is about an otter and a ferret! Aww! If you want to check it out, you can go here! WEEE! CLICK ME IF YOU WANT TO READ A SUPER AWESOME NATIVE AMERICAN MYTH! **By the way, can't wait for Thanksgiving! :D**

Ok wizards, I'll see ya in the Spiral!


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