Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Somes Expalinins Ta Do...

Hey Everyone, So, I HAD planned to post up some pictures of last night's run with Friendly, but the school's computer wont let me download the pictures from my email or even simply let me paste them int blogger /shrug. Sorry guys :/ Well, before I get to my "explainins", I'd just like to say thanks to Paige MoonShade, Benjamin FrogStone, and a very big thanks to The Friendly Necromancer! I didn't really get any good gear, but the run itself was fun. I talked with Friendly, and I'm going to try to level up Noah GoldHorn, my Myth wizard, alongside his son's character, Kyle SkyStaff, who is a Storm wizard (so that will work out well ;D). So yeah, I'm really excited to start that. ALSO, I GOT MY FIRST LEGENDARY WIZARD!!!! :D!!!! Mycin StarGem, my some-what famous Storm Wizard, has reached the rank of Legendary Diviner! The only Legendary Gear I have left is the Storm Ring and the Storm Robe. Ya know, one thing that I've been getting kinda angry about is the no trade high level gear (I'm not sure if they changed it back to normal, but in the Test Realm they made the Level 50 gear no trade as well :/ ). I got the Death Robe, The Life Robe, the Myth Ring and Athame, and the Fire Athame, yet I can't trade them over to them :/. Kinda makes me a bit upset that I'm gonna have to put a TON of farming into my W101 time. However, I do kinda think this was planned. People were complaining of being bored in game constantly. Well, now when you reach Legendary Level, you can farm for this gear over and over and over and over again. I don't think they did it to be mean. However, I do think this will cause problems with people's patience. Anywho, let me get to my expalinins. I'm sorry everyone. I feel like I'm not making this blog as good as I can in the past few weeks. Its just because Celestia is finally out and everything, and I really want to go around and explore. As I stated, I've also been farming alot. Before I even think about moving onto Noah, I really want Mycin to get all his gear (by the way, with all the attack boosts, Mycin will have a 72% attack boost!!!!! That's like having a constant Feint spell on!!!!!). This way I can feel that Mycin is truly complete. Hopefully though it wont take Noah too long to get to Level 55, cause I really need that Level 55 Myth Staff on Mycin. And Noah still has some of the Forum to complete :/ I'll probably do that when I get home today; Quest: Beat DragonSpyre on Noah GoldHorn. Reward: Celestia available on Noah, Farming Time on Mycin StarGem. Oh, and don't even get me started on Diana GoldHorn, my Life wizard. She is GrandMaster, and she hasn't even started the Forum! Ugh, see? I'm such a scatter-brain. I have so many things going on that I have to think about in advance, and that's not even IRL stuff. Ah well. The point is, I really want to improve my blog now that I've been neglecting it for so long. So I'll be working on that! ;D Ok, so that's pretty much it. I'll see you in the Spiral, P.D. ***P.S: For every new post, I'm going to hyperlink the post of the contest until it ends, and it will be in the little star things. SO CLICK ME TO CHECK OUT THE CONTEST!**


  1. No Trade?! Oh that would be bad. It's tough enough as it is to get the stuff you need, but not being able to share it would be very discouraging. Heck, I've made new wizards just because I had the grand gear and then enjoyed them and learned more from playing that school.

  2. TBH, I like the 'No Trade' for the reason you stated ( and it makes me go past Astraeus, who's Sea Dragon I want a lot, over and over ). And trust me, you are doing perfectly fine here on your blog ;). Tarlac and Dugan - 2 of my Grands - are on the Forum too, so don't feel bad about that either :-P --- Happy Farming!