Friday, November 5, 2010

Segmenting For a Show...

Hey Everyone,

So, a blog called Ambrose 2 Zeke is starting a podcast! ^_^ I love to see people start podcasting/blogging/tweeting/etc. It makes me so happy!

But yeah, anyway, they are asking for segments from players. Guess who volunteered to do a segment?! ME! ^_^

So yeah, I'll be doing my very own segment for the podcast. Be sure to check it out here. It will be on Sunday, but as to exact times I don't really know. But, I will be sure to post more on that.

So, I'm trying to think of what my segment should be about for episode number 1!

Oh, congrats by the way to all the Student Teacher nominees to run and get elected!:


Amber RosePetal


Thomas DeathGem


Wolf WinterStaff


John LifeGlen


Arlen DawnEyes


Cassandra LifeCaster


Mary DreamShade

So yeah, Gratz to them. I missed the nominations, so yeah, I couldn't run. Sigh xD Make sure to vote me for pres, yo!

So yeah, keep in touch!


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