Monday, November 8, 2010

Ambrose 2 Zeke's First Podcast And Adressing A Question...

Hey Everyone, So, the Ambrose 2 Zeke Podcast came out with their first podcast yesterday, so grats to them! :) John really like Rogue Sorcerer's segment as well as mine (btw, Rogue Sorcerer's segment was awesome! ^_^ ). My segment was ok, and post it in my next post, but I really have to work on the consistency of my voice and my awkward tone xD. I'm very scatter-brained, so I'm always saying "um..." or "Wha..?" or "Uh..." xD. Next week I'm thinking of doing something more along the lines of funny; probably a letter from Mycin StarGem that tells of his adventures in Celestia... Oh, yeah, that reminds me ... I beat Celestia! ^_^! Mycin Stargem last night got to level 58 in the Solarium, got Leviathan, got his Legendary boots, reached 59, and concured The Trial of The Spheres!!!! Before I even continue, I'd like to thank Amber RosePetal, Alric Ravesinger, and Wolf Winterstaff for helping me push through Celestia! Thanks you guys! ^_^ But yeah, The Trial of the Spheres isn't that difficult if you are in a group of experienced people. Alric and Wolf did everything for me xD. I d0n't even know how to do the second and third parts of it... Anywho, I'll have pictures up when I come home, as well as a detail trip through the quest of Levitahan. I took screenshots! :D Oh yeah, btw, there was this coincidence where for beating Celestia, you get 2010 exp. I was wondering if that possibly had to do with the fact that Celestia came out in 2010? I thought that was pretty cool :) I wonder if I was the first to notice that, cause on twitter, no one seemed to have noticed that before when I tweeted it. Ok, there I two more things I want to move on to beofore I go back to Study Hall today. One: The Contest. First I'd like to say thanks to all the entered! I'm going to be honest with you though; its not gonna end for a loooooooooooooong time. Like maybe a month? Here's why: I was talking to MoonCatcher (Dustin MoonCatcher to be exact) and he was telling me that he thinks they're only gonna sell that $39 card for a limited time, and that they're only gonna make a certain number of them. SO, In about 3 weeks when I have $60, I'm gonna go to GameStop, get another one for my alternate account, as well as get the $10 gift card. THEN, in another (about a) week, I should be able to get a $25 order of crowns, so I will have the money to pay for the 7,500 crowns item or less. See, I dont want to to raffle it off immeadiately and have the winners wait for their prizes; I'd rather give more people time to enter as well as be ready to hand out prizes. I was talking with MoonCatcher about how some people do contests and can't give out the prizes they promised because they didn't have the money or sponsorship in the first place, and how they really just wanted to throw a contest for fun. I don't want this to happen or for people to get angry with me, so yeah, that's why you have to wait so long.... Anyway, yeah, BUT, I'm going to ask for the $39 for Christmas (hopefully it's still out by then), so maybe I'll raffle that off! ^_^ That would be an awesome contest; but I think It'd have to be a ligit contest; I mean come on, it's an awesome win. The second and last thing I wanted to adress is friend me in-game: I forget who exactly asked, but someone commented on asking if they could friend me up in game. I have abesolutely no problem with this. We can meet up; but mind you, if I don't have enough room, I might not be able to add you. Sorry :/ BUT, if you catch me on one of my alternate characters, there is a definite chance I will add you (they don't really have much friends ;) ). Here is a list of ALL my characters (including my noobies ;D btw, I'm not gonna put their levels, because all of them will probably change fast.) : Luke GoldHorn: Pyromancer Patrick FrostHorn: Sorcerer Mycin StarGem: Diviner Noah GoldHorn: Conjurer Diana GoldHorn: Theurgist Gilroy SkullFlame: Necromancer Valdus GoldHorn: Thaumaturge Amber Drake: Pyromancer Oran Drake: Theurgist Madeline GoldHorn: Sorcerer Myrna GoldHorn: Diviner Erica GoldHorn: Necromancer Phew! That's a lot of wizards, lol. I'll probably be on Noah more now, because I want to switch the Storm Level 55 wand with Noah's Myth Level 55 wand on Mycin. I'll try to stick to the Vampire Realm Area One, but I also like Wu Area One. Ok, I put all my Study Hall time into this, so I REALLY gotta go. See ya in the Spiral! P.D. ** Hey, we really needed this long post; I haven't posted in a while :)**

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