Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Run Through Trial of the Spheres, Also, Happy Birthday Stormy!

Hey Everyone, So, last night, I planned a Trial of the Spheres run. The original "cast" was Me (playing Mycin StarGem, a more "popular" alternate character of mine), Paige MoonShade as her Fire wizard, Alric RavenSinger, and Thomas LionBlood (AKA The Friendly Necromancer). Sadly, Friendly got stuck in trafic on the way home, so he couldn't join us. So, instead, Christina IceDreamer joined us on her Life wizard! So I'd like to give a hug thanks to her for coming out, cause I know she was rushing last night. I told her I'd give her a little present for volunteering :) (Sadly, it'll have to wait for about 3-7 weeks xD!). Also, Christina IceDreamer's son Ian, otherwise known as Stormy wiz, has a birthday today! So I wish my best wishes to Stormy! Christina told me his gift last night; and I must say it's awesome! Anyway, back to last night. I'd like to thank everyone who showed up! There were only about 10 viewers, but I really want to thank them. It felt bigger to me ^_^. I enjoyed talking to you guys! There might be another LIVE run tonight, but I'm not sure as to if it is definite or as to what time. I'm going to post more later today anyway, cause I gots some pictures and my segment to share, so we'll see. I'm pretty sure Paige MoonShade said she could, and I know Alric had to see if he could make it. I have no idea if Friendly could make it today. I'm going to comment on his blog/ email him about it after posting. If you would like to volunteer as a back up, just post your wizard name in the comments and I will go to http://www.random.org/ and pick someone randomly. Ok, so be sure to check back later for a TON of content! ^_^ P.D.

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