Friday, November 12, 2010


Hey Everyone,

So the title says it all. That's how I feel like now. This whole council thing turned out to be a wreck on ice. Let me explain to you what happened:

So, last night, me and Mary were talking about the council thing. It all seemed pretty good. We thought maybe of assembling on Sunday or possibly Saturday; I mean, who knows, maybe things could have been resolved by then. Also, that time period would have been a decent amount of time to let everyone cool down and take a chill pill.

But what happens after I come home from walking Puppymancer?

Cassandra LifeCaster is online Skype, she all of a sudden sees herself as this almighty judge figure, and she is trying to judge the case. This didn't bother me so much at first (however, Mary and I thought that the Rogue Sorcerer should have been the judge figure, cause he's the eldest of us Skype wizards). So, I am over-loaded with work here; I got Wolf IceHunter (who, I must say, I volunteered to help) asking for help with Celestia, I got a girl trying to get together a date for tomorrow, I have my sister who is just coming home from retreat and wants to spend some time with me, and now I got this?! This is exactly why I wanted to wait longer into the weekend.

ANYWHO, so Cassandra is trying to talk to me about this while I have 50 million other things going on, and she is trying to interview me, so I say this: " I am busy doing so many things" and I kinda wanted to talk about later. And so, Cass says, "Fine okay. Can you tell me in your own words what happened in the following chat and call on that day and time. Solidly Swear to state the truth and nothing but the truth!" So I simply tell her the direct quote what Nick said, and said I had to go (cause I did) and that I would like to discuss this matter another time when I am available. She says she understands, and I go to help Wolf IceHunter ITS. Very simple, right?

So, I'm about to leave to go pick up my sister from the retreat, and Cassandra says in a group chat that her and Amber came to a decision on Nick's punishment (I don't like saying the word punishment; it sounds too controlling. I prefer the word consequence. By the way, the punishment was that he would be muted on all social networks of W101 for 48 hours). At first, I didn't think this was enough. But then again, they didn't let me voice my opinion anyway.

Which is what I stated. How could this be a fair trial if I didn't even get to tell my opinion? Cassandra explained it as me not being able to be available, so I don't get a voice. Do you know how many things are wrong with that statement? My fellow readers, if there is ever a situation between real life and the Spiral, please, CHOOSE REAL LIFE! Real life responsibilities come before Spiral responsibilities. Second, this is MY trial. MY conference call to the council. Isn't kind of ironic that my voice is the only one left unheard?

BUT, no matter how much I said those things, Cassandra wouldn't take no for an answer. All she kept saying was, "Our decision is final Luke." Trust me, in this, I have nothing really against Amber. She wasn't the one fighting back. I mean, the nerve ... See, we weren't even sure if we were even gonna invite her or Amber. But no, Cassandra took things into her own hands, and now look what has happened.

So yeah, me and Cassandra got in this big back and forth bickering fight while Mary was trying to keep the peace, and Cassandra decided to "quit" because I was complaining how my voice wasn't heard in my own conference of the council. By "quit", I mean I have abesolutely no idea what she means... I'm not sure if she quit her blog, quit the community, quit using Skype, quit Wizard101 ... no idea.

I mean, I feel like a jerk. I do. The feeling of making someone quit is an awful feeling. But I mean, in my opinion, and in several other's opinions, I was right. Not that that's what it's all about. But still; I had a right to be angry and to defend myself. It wasn't fair that I couldn't voice my opinion. Like, seriously? And believe it or not, I purposed not even muting him, and just giving him one last chance not to be a disturbance to the community, THEN if he does, something real serious happens. I mean, I don't know. I kinda wanna quit now too. *gasp*... Then again, I'm probably only saying that cause I'm so down ...


Would you mind if I told you about some real life stuff real quick? Don't worry, it's not too personal. I just feel like I need to share with someone, and I have no other way of doing it.

So, this morning, for the bus- well, the past week, for my bus, the bus driver has been saying to come to the stop five minutes late, right? So, this morning for the bus, I leave five minutes late (mind you this is all because he has a new stop before mine), and I'm crossing the street of my bus stop, and I see a bus coming. And I'm just thinking to myself, "Watch that be my bus." So I see it go by, and I chase after it. Why? No idea. Just out of pure instinct. Mind you, I am holding a (around) 20 pound book bag and a gym bag full of gym clothes. When I reach my stop, I find it was my bus, and it is starting to leave the stop. So I go on this epic chase after the bus to try and get on. Let's just say I thank the government for street lights...

And then my sister has been away on a retreat for 3 days, and she came home today. Her one word to describe it: Awful. I mean, who wouldn't want to sit there and bunk with a whole bunch of crying girls connecting with each other after their parents tell them how much they loved them? I'm sure I wouldn't. /shudder. Anywho, so they had a mass (service) at the church when we got back, and all the girls were still crying cause they went through so much and because they missed home. All very dramatic. I have to admit though, some of the things the students said took guts to say in front of 200-300 people. Yeah, so it was some what touching.

But yeah, can you see why I'm such a scatter-brain? Do you see why I never have time for things, and why I'm always upset? I mean, THE BUS DRIVER SAW ME! He couldn't pick me up there? Ugh. I mean, just .... I don't even know what to say...


*Thanks for reading this post, it was super boring and uneventful :P*


  1. Maybe I'm just..I don't even know the word, but everyone is allowed their own opinion. And, what he said, wasn't really directed to anyone in particular, he was just stating what he felt church was/is about. That's his opinion. We all have ours. This is really in MY opinion, going too far, and getting out of hand. All this council stuff, etc. I mean..Wizard101 is a game. A great game. To me it seems everyone is forgetting why they are blogging (on these types of blogs) in the first place. To share ideas, adventures, tips, tricks, and to show off all the really cool things Wizard101. We aren't supposed to be having a popularity contest, there is no government or shouldn't be a government of bloggers. I mean, that goes against everything that bloggers stand for. Freedom of speech, the right to press, etc. If you want to stop talking to someone because they offend you, fine, but don't bring Wizard101 in to it. They aren't one and the same. I play this game, because I love it. I blog because I want others to love it just as much as I do. That's my two cents, take it, or leave it. Either way, it's mine and it is staying with me.

  2. I like this post really much! Don't worry about the whole Council thing! I got that handled. I have some great ideas on how to save everyone and their ideas and thoughts!

  3. You need a vacation. Hope you get some time off next week.