Friday, August 5, 2011

Personal Opinions of Wysteria

Hey Gang,

This is just a quick post summarizing my feelings of Wysteria that I posted on a W101Central thread. I thought it would be neat to share my feelings about it on the blog. Here it is:

While I really enjoy the new world because its so much like Harry Potter (trust me, I'm an uber HP fan; just got my Elder Wand in the mail yesterday), it's hard to look like the good guy when saying that they should take this away. At the very least, they should make it known to the public that they have JKR's permission to do this (IF they have her permission to do this; she might not even know about it). Like I said, I'm a big fan of HP, and while I do enjoy all the new similarities, I think the new world should not be released for several reasons. The first is because I grew up with Harry Potter; I've been following his adventures since about 2003, if not before. It hurts when you see a rip off of something you loved dearly since you were little (although, IMO, if Warner Bros. had released a HP MMO, KI wouldn't have ever created Wysteria). It's a bit challenging to understand if your not in the same situation. The next reason is coming from the content. Even though the area in total costs less than $10, I feel it's not quite worth it to go through this area on all my wizards (7 Legendaries, one in each school). Take Celestia for example; obviously it was more expensive and massive then Wysteria, it had a lot more unique offerings such as useful gear and tons of experience. Pigswick really only offers a Pickswick Uniform Set (which doesn't have stats), The Spiral Cup Housing Item (ok, so that is pretty cool...), a Golden Piggle (who's stats aren't even good), and a wand (which is really good for level 20-30). My point is, it's not quite worth it for people who have 3+ Legendary Wizards to go through it over and over again.

I've heard people say different things such as, "KI should be sued!" and "I love it because it's like Harry Potter". I don't wish for KingsIsle to be sued, but I really think the new world makes a mockery of a great game and company. Even though it isn't the case, it makes KingsIsle look like they don't have any original ideas. It wasn't so bad before Wysteria, where it had a lot of differences from Harry Potter (however, compared on a general level, they were alike). The similarities of HP that come with Wysteria make W101 less unique. There's nothing wrong with a few references or suggestive hints, but when you're taking characters from a series (McGonagall, Umbridge, Draco Malfoy, Hogwats, and even Fleur Delacour) and making them animals that talk (Mrs. Dowager,Belladonna Crisp,Randolf SpellShine,PigsWig, and Nalia DuneStrider), well, you're not going to get my personal endorsements and support.

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  1. Ok, anybody who's a real HP fan should love this place. Sure, they ripped a bunch of things off, but HP is so popular now that it's almost passed the level of coreperation and is headed towards lifestyle(almost even religion for some people) . They shouldn't be sued, but they could have at least have tried to be more discreet about it.

  2. That's not true in the slightest. See, everyone has their own opinion. Let me start with your first line:

    "Ok, anybody who's a real HP fan should love this place."

    This is a matter of opinion. The fact is, a lot of people feel the way I do; since its more of copy or a replica of the HP series, particular Goblet of Fire, it is more than understandable that many fans wouldn't like it simply because KingsIsle gave it the short end of the stick, so to speak. KingsIsle for years has been denying that its based off HP. This just proves that their claim isnt true at all. I wouldn't have minded if the world even came out, but it would have been nice of them to give some credit or something to HP