Sunday, August 14, 2011

My Opinons on the Wizard's Watchtower

Hey Gang,

For those of you who have access to the Test Realm (and even some of you who don't), you'd know that there are two new houses available at the Crowns Shop (10,000 a pop, or 100,000 gold). Well, one of these houses (my favorite of the two, actually) is called the Wizard's Watchtower (the other is called the Sunken Palace). Today I'm here with you to talk about my opinions of this new house (and maybe some other time I'll talk about the Sunken Palace. I'm going to start with some things I liked about the house, and then move on to the things that can be improved (Note: I've actually started decorating in the Test Realm because I'm pre-planning for a party I'm gonna have for Halloween, so your going to see some housing items):

1. Hallway on the Second Floor: I really like the look of this hallway on the second floor of the Wizard's Watchtower. It gives a really good castle feel, and the mosaics of the dragon only enhance the feel! The carpet blends in very well too, tying the whole room together without you having to even place a housing item! Good job KingsIsle!

2. Dragon Statue, Dragon Feet Columns, and the general Second Floor (Library-like Room): This is just ... wow. First (and most obvious), the dragon statue is great! I love the fire coming out of its mouth. And the fact it's standing on top of the main circular bookshelf just makes this preinstalled feature even more amazing. I also like the library feel of the second floor. Another well done KingsIsle :).

3. Observatory: The view is stunning in this room. And the size of the telescope is huge! The mosaics of the dragon are a nice pull together of the room, and I really like the wood floor and the preinstalled wallpaper. Very nice!

4. Opening Room: The opening room is stunning as you see the giant library pillar pulling the room together. Again, I really like the library feel and the dragon decor.

5. Staircase to the Dragon: Again, this part of the house gives me that "castle" feel that I absolutely love about a home. The rug is a nice touch, and I love the preinstalled torches and banners of dragons.

6. Dragon's Lair (Smog/Hobbit Reference): When I saw this, I literally laughed out loud. If you've ever read (or seen) The Hobbit, you'd know who Smog is, and you'd know how this scene was inspired. Bottom line: AWESOME!

tehehe, anyway, let's move on ...

7. Dragon Claw Lagoon: I really like this feature because it gives the house a location. It tells you, "Hey, your house isn't just on a random island. Your house is centered around a giant and probably ancient statue of a dragon claw". I like anything that gives my house a better definition. :)

8. Castle Entrance: This is just a really cool sight. Again, like the dragon claw statue, it gives your house a location: on the top of a waterfall. I really like the glowing orbs on the pedestals and the dragon keeping watch over the entrance of your house, as well as the observatory in the backround. Very pretty :).

Things That Could Change (This is where I can have some fun!):

1. The Dragon Claw Lagoon: When I first walked around in the house, I thought that little opening in the rope fence was telling me to venture into the whirlpool of a lagoon. When I found out it was just there for looks, I was pretty disappointed. We should be able to go into the whirpool. It could lead into a secret dungeon or cave full of water. Heck, it could lead into a half underwater zone of your house! I'll revisit this point later...

2. The Random Rope: I don't have much to say about this point, since it's pretty short and simple. I'm not sure if you can see it in the picture, but the lowest arch has a rope fence preventing you from going under this. I'd really just like to know why. There doesn't seem to be a reason for it (it looks big enough to travel under) and it really downgrades the look of the house.

3. The Dragon's Lair: This place is perfect as is, except for one small thing. I want to be able to place housing items in this area. As of the current moment, you cannot do so. I'm not sure if this is a current bug, but I have some housing items that would make this room cooler than it is now.

4. This Wall (in the entrance of the staircase): Now this isn't a mandatory change (just an idea suggestion), but why not move the spiral staircase behind this wall and make this room more like a side room instead of a tiny room with a huge spiral staircase in it. I'd also like the ability to place housing items in this room as well.

5. Another Wall (in a the hallway direct before the hallway filled with mosaic windows): Again, this is a great opportunity to add a secret room or hallway. Or better yet, make it another part of the house. It just seems like a loose end that could make the house a lot better than it is currently.

6. Series of Bookshelves: Another secret room suggestion. They could make this another spiral staircase to the dungeon or cave that the Dragon Claw Lagoon leads to. I personally think this a very good idea, but hey, we all have our opinions, right?

7. The Observatory: I'd like to make a side part of this room directly where the camera is pointed to be designated as a bedroom. There are only a few houses with designated bedrooms, and to me it kinda defeats the purpose of a home if your wizard doesn't have a place to sleep. Also, make a spiral staircase from the hallway to this room instead of teleporting me there (since we do see it as a tower from the outside).

Well, that's what I would change! Feel free to voice your opinions on what I thought or tell me what you like/ want to see changed! Until next time!



  1. i agree, this is the far superior house of the two KI made and i didn't even see the observatory, and i also wondered why they put that robe there XD

  2. I completely agree with just about everything you said, I actually ended up making my bedroom in the observatory because there was no room anywhere else. I feel like there should be a passage way behind one of the water falls (I think the one on the left) that leads down to the dragon claw and literally just be a expansive cave looking at the rest of the dragon. I would love thought for a night and day option because more than not I want day time.

  3. yeah are there any secret areas that you know of in the Wizard's Watchtower?

  4. Yeah, but do there happen to be any secret areas in the Wizard's Watchtower?

  5. Your ideas are awesome especialy the secreet rooms and i hope KI changes them.