Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Siren Nerf: Should W101 Change Her Lyrics?

Hey Gang,

So I'm sure you've all heard about the Siren nerf in the Test Realm. There's a big controversy in the Wizard101 community about whether it should be nerfed or not. So, I'd like to post my opinion on the subject:

Old Siren Spell...

I think the main problem is we're not used to seeing Rank Nine spells, so our opinion on what exactly is an "overpowered" spell can be a bit warped sometimes. We're used to seeing Rank Seven and Eight spells, which (obviously) are not as powerful as the spells we're seeing now. However, I do believe the Siren spell is overpowered when compared to the spells of the other schools. Yes, Storm is supposed to be the glass cannon school. Yes, the other schools are supposed to be somewhat weaker when it comes to damage. But take a look at how the spell really changed:

New Siren Spell...
They only took away 35 damage. That's not much at all, and I know when a Storm Wizard or enemy hits me with that spell, it wont make much of a difference. But what I want to see changed is NOT the power. In fact, I think 915 was perfect as far as hit points goes. With 9 pip spells, you want to promote the use of them; in other words, it has to be worth all the preparation it took to get those pips. Leviathan, which is one rank below Siren, only does at least 100 more damage than the original Siren (ok, so that number's a bit off... but its a round about estimate). When an AoE (Area of Effect) does a little less damage and has another effect than its ancestor, it's doing it right.

I'd like to see one of its effects removed personally. I think it would be more beneficial to Storm if the "Remove Blade" effect was taken off, however I'd like to see the -50% accuracy effect taken off. Fire's really the only school that has an effect such as adding a high accuracy debuff, and I think it's a bit silly to take that unique feature away from Fire when we're so far into the game.

So really, what makes this spell overpowered? The fact that it has three effects AND does damage. I personally think there only needs to be two. Opinions?



  1. I think they should make Sirens just Beguile and Pacify instead of doing all those other effects. They could also reduce Sirens to 815 or 775, and they could make cards like Sirens "limited" in PvP. For example, you can only play Sirens only once per turn on your team, and you can't use Sirens for two more turns. They could also limit Tempest in PvP. That would fix all the problem of all those stupid Tempest spam teams.

  2. I really like the idea of having it limited in PvP battles, it would be a great idea. The only problem I see with the after effects is that I don't want something reused. I mean why have such a small view on what spells can do? Why not let stuff have Aura Removes.. or Aura plagues, it would make for a totally different play if you have beserker on and it goes from 30% outgoing damage with 40% incoming to being 10% damage with 40% incoming and you have to scramble to change it or get killed lol. I just think that instead of reusing the spells it would be more fun to have totally new things to use... or at least stick with your school's special stuff. Storm removes blades.. So why not just make Sirens 860 and remove 2 charms. It doesn't sound overpowered to me. The problem with the rank 9 spells is that they don't balance the spells out right. Sirens could be a true rank 9 spell but the others still look like rank 7 ones with no effects. That's just my 2 cents.. -Casey

  3. eh i think storm is storm and it shouldn't be nerfed anymore i mean KI should have never even made storm if all these cry babies think its op which is supposed to be BTW. psh might as well say storm are only allowed to use thunder snake in pvp