Thursday, March 15, 2012

Into the Archives

Hey Gang,

So you'll noticed I haven't posted on this blog in about 3 months. As some may have guessed, this is no coincidence. If you missed the memo on Twitter, I've left Wizard101 for probably forever; the game has simply run its course for me. I've also resigned from the Twizard group and have converted my W101 twitter to a regular Twitter. But if you ever enjoyed my blog, don't fear! I AM posting on another blog! This blog is a general gaming blog that I share with 4 of my IRL friends known as Project: Better Dolphin! You can find the blog at I urge you to go and check the site out to see if you like it, but beware; this is not always a child friendly site. Be sure to follow us and comment!

But before I take my leave, I'd like to thank everyone for this life-changing experience. I'm not going to make special thanks out to anyone simply because I know I'd forget someone, and if it wasn't for every one of you who've read my blog, this experience would not have been nearly as amazing as it's been. There's a special bond made when two beings watch each other advance through time, which would be the Wizard101 community and my own personal perspective. This community has taught me so much, and I'll value what it has taught me.

Please don't take this as an attempt to get attention either; because I'm seriously not coming back.

This blog will be archived. Feel free to use it as a resource and as a guide.

One final thanks to my loyal readers,

Luke GoldHorn, P.D.

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