Friday, March 4, 2011

Moving to a Different Game

Hey Gang, So recently, I've found that I might be able to maintain a WoW (World of Warcraft) membership! So, I might blog about that here and there! I actually played WoW before W101 even existed; about 4-5 years ago. I rolled a Gnome Frost Mage; ah, how I love the Gnomes. This story, believe it or not, actually connects to W101. But, that's a story for another day (specifically, June 15th). No, I am not quitting W101. No, I am not stopping the blog. I just really needs me some WoW. In fact, a friend said sometyhing to me that I very much agree with; 'If an MMO gamer isn't playing WoW, it's only because something's holding them back." This is very true, and I very much agree. If you consider yourself a legitimate MMO gamer, and you aren't playing WoW, it's probably because you have issues IRL, such as financial, parental, or other issues. If you consider yourself an avid MMO gamer but haven't ever played WoW before, or if you think WoW is a bad game, yeah ... I have bad news for you. For me, it was a combonation of a few factors. First off, I couldn't afford to pay for the game. I'm not very great subscriptions. They're kinda like my secret enemy of MMO's. I also had a serious addiction problems with it. At 6th grade, I wasn't going to bed until 11 P.M. or 12 A.M. EST, and then I'd wake up to play it again at 5:00 A.M. EST. It was bad. Now, though, that I have an understanding of MMO's, and that I can afford it, I wanna try playing it again. I think, since I'm older, I'll be able to handle the addiction part. If you wanna be considered an avid MMO player, and you can have WoW (and also be able to handle it; addiction-wise, that is), than you should really try it out. Basically; try it if you have the opportunity. Most MMO players wont consider you an MMO player until you've played at least some of it. I probably wont be able to get my sub until about a month or two. Ok, I gotta run. Me and a few friends are headed to a cafe in a bit. Hope you have an awesome Friday evening! P.D.


  1. I've put in my time with WoW, and I don't agree. Some people just don't like WoW . . . /shrug . . . besides, Rift is where it's at now! :) WoW is so 5 or 6 years ago like you were saying. It's 2011! Play something new where the playing field is a little bit more even still. ;)

    Best of luck PD. I'll be reading. :)

  2. I have to disagree. I've seen WOW, I've known many people that played WOW, and personally, I've never been interested in it. I do consider myself an avid MMOer, and I don't think whether or not I play, or have played WOW, should play a part in whether or not I should be considered one.

    I can't afford the membership there, but I have had plenty of my friends offer me their accounts to play on, since they got bored of the game, and still had a sub. I turned them down. I've had opportunities to play, but simply don't want to.

    And what Friendly said, its so 5 years ago lol. I'll be heading towards RIFT more than likely if'n when I ever feel like getting in to hardcore MMOing again.

  3. I like WoW. A lot. Sadly I play Horde mostly, but if you want to meet up, I play on Malygos US server. Although some people say its dying, as its been out for so long, I disagree.

    Anyways, have fun in WoW, and maybe I'll see you in Azeroth or Outland!