Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wintertusk Announced! Theory-Crafters, We NEED You!

Hey Gang,

So yesterday, the amazing Ditto has given us ASTOUNDING news! KingsIsle has announced their next world; WinterTusk (otherwise known as Jotungaard or WT)!! Now, if you wanna see what it's all about, go check it out on Ditto's blog. I really just wanna post my ideas on what's going on. So, here it is - my thoughts and theories for the next world: Now, when being introduced to a new world, there's a huge question that comes to mind: Will this world be a side quest world, or will it be a main world? This world, by all means, looks to me like a side quest world, due to the major fact that they never released info on a level cap increase (however, this could happen within the next couple weeks). So don't get your hopes up yet. HOWEVER, take a look at this!:

Try to focus on that thing she has her hand around. That's right folks; it's a horn! Now, I'm pretty sure there's a folk tale lurking in the Spiral about a horn belonging to Grandmother Raven, sister of Bartleby. I can't remember at the moment, but I'll be sure to get back to you! I actually putting together a research group to investigate the matter! It is called the Order of the Horn, and if you would like to join the hunt, be sure to comment and/or request to join the group on DoaW ConnectX.

But yes, I think that Horn that GrandMother Raven is holding is Morganthe's next target. My theory is, due to Morganthe's prophecy ("...the horn will call..."), she would like to steal this horn from Granny Raven, causing something terrible to happen to the Spiral! Specifically, she wishes to awaken the Titans with the Horn, causing a second Titan War! How terrible would that be?! But imagine seeing this as well; what if there was a raid at the end of this story arch? Not exactly a raid in the fact that it might take a week to complete it. I'm talking more about 8-people battle circles, a ton of puzzles and task, and possibley even taking down some Titans! The dungeon would probably take a long time though; I'm thinking somewhere between 3-5 hours. Also, in case you can only play, say, two hours a night, they wont clear your progress for a few days (possibly weekly).

So it all leads back to that one question: Will this be a continuation of a side world only, OR will it ALSO tie a side world to the main story line? Again; our only clue that it may be a main quest world is that horn. Also, as I said, I need some research to back me up, so I'm gathering researchers from the group to go on an expidition through the Spiral and search for clues. I will be leading this expidition along with three other wizards. Everytime we find something that may be of importance, we'll pose it to some theorists and decide how exactly we want to use it. It's going to be a LOT of fun! Also, there will soon be another expidition (we still need a leader for this one, as I am not up to the task) to find runes and possible references hidden in quests to Jotungaard or anything else that may include Mother Raven or Morganthe's prophecy.

By the way, while we are on the matter ... what exactly is Morganthe's prophecy? "The Mirror will break, the Horn will call! From the shadows I stike, and the skies will fall!". Geesh, sounds ominous. So as I've said a billion times, I believe this horn she talks about is GrandMother Raven's Horn. But what exactly is the mirror? I have a theory that I don't whole-heartitly agree with. What if GrandMother Raven is the mirror? When the mirror breaks (meaning GrandMother Raven dies), Morganthe can sound her horn for the Titans? Sounds plausible. But what would the next three worlds be about? Well, there ARE three different types of titans: The Triton Titan(s), the Dragon Titan(s), and the Giant Titan(s). Now, we dont exactly know how many there are left, but we certainly know that there is still at least one Dragon Titan and one Triton Titan. Heck, we could witness Morganthe awaken a Frost Giant Titan at the end of Jotungaard.

But then another question arises; we've already been to DragonSpyre. We've already been to GrizzleHiem (and soon to be WinterTusk). We've already been to Celestia. How are they going to reinvent these characters into the story without making us go back to worlds we've already been to? Well, the way I see it, after WinterTusk, there will be three worlds left open for this arch. Instead of us traveling to the Titans, have the Titans travel to us! For example, the Triton Titan can travel to a world such as the Mayan world I purposed. He causes bad things to happen there, and we put him back to sleep somehow. See what I'm saying?

I also think that there's another part to Morganthe's prophecy that she's not telling us. The part, that is, that talks about us saving the Spiral. And wouldn't it be cool if, for the Dragon Titan, we were brought into a Utopia, kinda like how DragonSpyre was before the Dragon Titan got there? But this time, we could actually save it! It'd be sweet! :D

As to the skies falling part of the prophecy, maybe we'll meet the Celestians again at an observatory in the Spiral, and their doom will repeat itself.

Ok, I gotta get going. I'll see ya!


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  1. I do hold a theory, a theory *beyond* Wintertusk, "The 9 Worlds Theory", which I believe is bringing the Spiral inexorably towards a "Ragnarok" in The Spiral.