Monday, March 14, 2011

Pi Day

Hey Gang, So I have nothing better to talk about. This weekend was fun. I kicked it off with The Return of the King movie by Peter Jackson (otherwise known as awesomesauce packed into a three hour movie). Does anyone else remember when movies were 2-3 hours long, rather than 1-2 hours long as they are today? Now people consider 2 hours a REALLY long movie. Well, 5-7 years ago, if a movie was 2 hours long, it was considered kinda short. Anyway, enough of my jabbering on. The movie is awesome. If you've never watched the whole triology, go get 'em, wake up at 8 next Saturday, and spend your day watching them (trust me; you'll need all day). My favorite is particularly the last one. The rest of my weekend wasnt really exciting. I went to Borders, as I do weekly. I had an awesome time, as usual. I then proceeded to stay up till 4:00 A.M. Sunday morning, which I regret this morning. For people that understand Halo, I got to Captain Rank 3, which was an accomplishment I guess. I'm trying to get to Luitenet Colenel so I can get a black visor to match my forest green and black armor. I got to see my grandparents yesterday, which was cool. I showed them some stuff I was working on for Engineering. I played some Lord of the Rings: The 3rd Age, which was a good time, until I reached an impossible boss fight, which you know, was kinda depressing and stuff. I didn't play Wizard101 at all. The game just seems not that fun at the moment. I also made cookies for a friend yesterday, which was a lot of fun :). So ... Pi Day ... a day for math nerds everywhere. Walk around in a cicrle today, or eat some pie, or something circular. Pie is more ceremonial, due not only to the shape, but cause the name. Pie. Pi. See what I mean? Ok, I'm gonna go now. I'll see ya guys, P.D.


  1. Actually you have a point the last really long movie I saw was the new King Kong it was three hours long but still that was in like 2007

  2. Crafing, Housing, Leveling or Gardening? I still have SO much to farm for, maybe you can come on a Kensington Park run w/me sometime :P