Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Entry Post

Hey Gang,

Just wanted to post real quick saying forget the forms; they're not working well for me. If you want to enter the PvP Tourney or the Featured Wizard Contest , comment here.

If you are entering the Featured Wizard Contest, make sure to:

1. Leave your Wizard's name.
2. Leave a description about your wizard here.

If you are entering the PvP Tourney, make sure to:

1. Leave the name of your wizard.
2. Leave the school of your wizard.
***Remember, the tourney is only 1v1; so no teams. Entries for both contests are due June 15th, 11:59 P.M. CST.***

Here is the list of people who are currently enrolled in the PvP Tourney:

1. Ben FrogStone

2. Abagail DawnPetal

3. Blaze ShadowHorn

4. Jasmine Smith

5. Nicholas DawnStrider

6. Issac StormFlame

7. Blaine StormMender

8. Michael FireBlade

No spots remain!

I also need help with PvP circles. As it goes, we may not have enough time for the PvP tourney, so I'm going to let people host some of the PvP matches. I will need 4 in total, along with one or two back-ups:

1. Cassandra GriffinDreamer

2. Dustin GriffinFlame

3. Panglou

4. Blaine StormMender

Again, First Come, First Serve!

Here are the listed prizes for the following contests:

*PvP Tourney*

1st Place: Mega Snack Pack.
2nd Place: Dragon Rider's Treasure Card Pack.

*Fashion Contest*
1st Place: Mega Bundle.
2nd Place: Dragon Rider's Treasure Card Pack.
3rd Place: My Best Treasure Cards!

That's pretty much it for now. I'll see ya later!


***EDIT: I've posted the Featured Wizards Guest List here in case you didn't know where it was before:

  • Fallon (Ravenwood Radio and The Perfect Catch PvP Team)
  • Stephen SpiritCaller (Ravenwood Radio)
  • Ditto Wizard AKA Digby HexCrafter (Ravenwood Radio)
  • Christina IceDreamer AKA Icywiz (Ravenwood Radio)
  • Ian AKA Stormywiz (Ravenwood Radio)
  • Thomas LionBlood AKA The Friendly Necromancer (The Friendly Necromancer)
  • Bailey SkyStaff (The Friendly Necromancer)
  • Alia LotusPetal (Wizard101 Addict)
  • Fallon ShadowBlade (Diary of a Wizard)
  • Valdus SoulPyre (Diary of a Wizard)
  • Paige MoonShade (Wizard101Central and Paige's Page)
  • Alric RavenSinger (The Raven's Vault)
  • Cassandra GriffinDreamer (Witch Warrior101)
  • Ronnan Dawn (The Perfect Catch)
  • Cassandra DragonHeart (The Perfect Catch)
  • Kevin BattleBlood (The Perfect Catch)
  • Fallon MoonGem (Diary of a Wizard and Twitter)
  • Kestrel ShadowThistle (Shadowthistle School of Wizardy)
  • Blaine StormMender (Close friend)
If you think I've missed a wizard, please comment and I will change the list if they are truly missing. Thanks for you cooperation!***


  1. elijah light thiefJune 1, 2011 at 11:02 PM

    Hi Luke my wizards name is elijah light thief and i would like to be in the featured contest he has a pet egg and has a griffen on also is a lvl 60 ice.

  2. Hello, my name is Mark Stormhunter and I would like to enter the featured wizard contest. I am a lvl 60 Storm wizard and I always wear the badge "elementalist" to in a waypromote my blog The Elementalists

  3. Yo Luke! I'm Ben Frogstone (As you already know) I'm a level 60 balance wizard (Again, as you already know) And I run the legoben1998 YouTube channel for my wizard (AGAIN, You already know ;D)

    Please enter me in the feature wizard contest AND the PvP contest :D

    Cya in the spiral! (Or on skype twitter ETC.)

  4. Hello Luke,
    I am use my myth wiz Abigail Dawnpetal (aka Diana Wildheart) willing to do both contest. :)

  5. Hi My name is Connor Mistblade I would like to enter the featured wizards contest. I am a level 60 myth wizard with a Humungofrog pet I normally have either the badge Waterworks Warrior or Emerald Champion on. I also have a blog about wizard 101 called "The Myth Wiz"

  6. Hey Luke XD You forgot to include me on the featured wizards list,
    "Blaze Shadowhorn-mywizard101site"

    i would also like to be entered in the PvP tournament.
    Blaze Shadowhorn level 60 Ice

    Thanks again and I ant wait for the party!
    -Blaze Shadowhorn

  7. o and I would like to enter the featured wizards contest:
    Blaze Shadowhorn and I wear my waterworks warrior badge with pride and dignity. I enjoy meeting new wizards and interacting via chatting or questing :)

  8. Come to think of it... I might as well join the pvp tourney too :) I'd get bored just looking pretty XD (Ok that sounded self centered a bit :P)
    I am a level 60 fire wizard, at around medium level of difficulty to beat in pvp. I wear my level 60 gear and I ALWAYS have on my Bird Watcher badge (Well, before wintertusk came out I always had my Grandmaster Gardener badge on.

  9. I would like to be entered in the pvp tourney
    Isaac Stormflame level 60 Balance
    ANd the featured wizard's contest:
    Isaac Stormflame- Fair, light brown skinned, orange coat wearing, mask donning, wing soarer, with a attitude for justice! Always try to make new friends.

  10. In the featured wizards list you also forgot;
    Isaac Stormflame - Balancing Act

  11. Nicholas DawnstriderJune 9, 2011 at 7:23 PM

    Hey luke i am Nicholas Dawnstrider lvl 60 fire and i would like to enter the pvp tournament

  12. Hey. I think that I'll host! :) Got all the time in the world to do it, too! Not going to enter, just want to host!

  13. I'll take last spot (Michael Fireblade)