Sunday, June 12, 2011

Party Updates and 200th Post!

Hey Gang,

So something needs to be cleared before I even start going over the tiny revisions and updates made to my party (don't worry; what I'm about to say nor the updates of the party is anything catastrophic). The party is still on. Lately it seems as if my leaving in a few days has led to misunderstandings that my party has been canceled. This is not the case, and I am absolutely psyched for the party! So please still plan on attending the party this Friday (June 17th). To make sure there is no confusion, I will re-post the times, realms, areas, locations, and characters that you should be meeting for the party.

Anyway, there's not too many updates/revisions I have for the party. Submission comments for the PvP Contest and for the Featured Wizard Contest will be not be accepted if submitted anytime after June 14th, 11:59 P.M. Yes, the date has moved back a day because I will be busy IRL on the 16th. So on June 15th, I will post the winners and announce who will serve as a judge along side Fallon and I. So if you're interested in entering any of those contests or if you're interested in hosting a battle for the PvP Tourney, be sure to comment on this post. Thanks to the people that entered! Without you, this party would be impossible to hold!

Also, just a little side-note, this post is my 200th post! I never thought I'd make it to 200 posts, much less one hundred. It's been an honor serving this community along my fellow bloggers. It's really been so much fun!

Aside from that, there isn't much going on. I have this garden in the Sultan's Palace that's just been driving me crazy. I only have enough Crowns to buy one more Energy Elixir, which I'm saving for the actual day of the party because, even if some of the plants aren't adult, I think it'd look sloppy to have them with needs over their heads. So taking care of them has been REALLY stressful. Wish me luck!


P.S: For the winners of the Featured Wizard Contest, I will add your names to the list once you have won.


  1. Dude 1 Can I be a famous wiz attending (forget the list that goes under...)

    2 I CANT WAIT!!! XD

  2. @Blaze: Sorry, I'm not accepting any more Featured Wizards other than what's already on the list + the five that win the random drawing.