Friday, June 24, 2011


Hey Gang,

So last night I was up late at night, and I was hanging out on Twitter. People were talking about writing last night, and I mentioned that I love to write. Diana WildHeart, who's an awesome person and wizard, gave me the idea of starting a blog specifically for writing. So I did, and you can go to it.



Please do not enter if you are offended easily. There have been some messages on Twitter going out saying, "Don't curse" (as you might have guessed, these messages were sent out by Twizards). I can assure you one thing: NEVER EVER EVER EVER NEVER EVER EVER will you read a curse word on The Pyromancer's Digest. However, I censor myself for Wizard101 only. If you chose to read one of my blogs that curses, that's on you. I've warned many people that censorship will not be of my concern when doing anything other than Wizard101.

"But why, Luke? Why do you care if you curse or not?" Again, I honestly don't mind censoring myself when it comes to Wizard101. But when it comes to situations in real life, I'm not going to censor myself because there may be a few young people reading it. Wizard101 is different for several reasons:

1. It's against the Terms of Use that I agreed to.
2. It's a game where many children play.
3. It's not seen as publicly acceptable

Basically, my point is this; when you read something of mine that isn't Wizard101 related, PLEASE don't expect me to keep things squeaky clean for the little ones. This is my official warning label. This is also my last warning on the issue (I must have warned everyone a billion times by now). SOME THINGS I SAY THAT DON'T REGARD WIZARD101 MAY OR MAY NOT BE CHILD FRIENDLY!

That being said, for those of you that are interested in this new writing site of mine, it's called PAVed Destiny (you can find out why in the first post: I don't curse excessively (there are only two curses on the site so far). Again, there is some un-child-friendly material there, so PLEASE take caution!


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